Mixtape #3 : Bells

Being Easter week, it seems appropriate that this new mixtape should focus on the sound of bells. As usual, the following selection reflects my recent listening, with one or two old favourites thrown in for good measure; one hour of gloriously eclectic resonance and reverberation. Bathe in the overtones…

Here’s the full tracklisting:

Chris Watson – Embleton Rookery (from Stepping into the Dark)
Andrew Liles – Tintinnabulation of Church Bells (from Black Pool)
Claude Vivier – Cinq chansons pour percussion – I. Chanson du Matin (from Orion/Siddartha/Cinq chansons)
Björk – Aurora (Music Box) (from Cocoon, CD2)
Thea Surasu – Memories of Xanadu (from Singing Bowls for Shangri-la)
Andrew Liles – Dove I – (Noodles And Cheese) (from Black Widow)
Jonathan Harvey – Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco (from Tombeau de Messiaen)
The Gamelans of Bali – Pendet [extract] (from Gamelans et Tambours des Iles – Bali / Sri Lanka)
Andrew Liles – The Ariosa and Amorette (from Black Pool)
Claude Vivier – Cinq chansons pour percussion – II. Chanson à Midi (from Orion/Siddartha/Cinq chansons)
Colleen – What Is A Componium? – Part 1 (from Colleen et les Boîtes à Musique)
Aphex Twin – Btoum-Roumada (from drukqs)
Tōru Takemitsu – From me flows what you call time [excerpt] (from Live from the Proms: Walton & Takemitsu)
Andrew Liles – Black Room – Part II (from Black Widow)
Claude Vivier – Cinq chansons pour percussion – IV. Chanson à la Mort (from Orion/Siddartha/Cinq chansons)
Björk – Pagan Poetry (Music Box) (from Cocoon, CD1)

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