Mixtape #4 : Miniatures

This new mixtape began life as one of my playlists on iTunes, which simply specified that it should only include tracks under two minutes in duration. Surprisingly, 815 tracks from my music library fulfil this criteria, amounting to over 15 hours of music. Not surprisingly, this playlist makes for an eclectic and surreal listen, while at the same time providing a kind of ‘distillation’ of the music that i love. Here then, is a selection from that playlist, with a slight emphasis on music i’ve listened to more recently; almost 70 minutes of music stitched together with the aid of a variety of delightful advertisement spots by the wonderful and very innovative Raymond Scott. What this lot tells you about my music collection is anyone’s guess…

Here’s the complete tracklisting:

Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research Inc. Copyright (all tracks from Manhattan Research Inc.)
Ryoji Ikeda – data.hypercomplex (from dataplex)
John Hudak – Presence of Deer (from Panocha, Yoghourt & Spring [free download])
Raymond Scott – Super Cheer
The Pipettes – One Night Stand (from We Are The Pipettes)
Modeselektor – The Dark Side of the Frog (from Happy Birthday!)
Deerhoof – Come See the Duck (from Green Cosmos)
Raymond Scott – Vicks: Medicated Cough Drops
Frank Zappa – Love Story (from Boulez Conducts Zappa – The Perfect Stranger)
Adrian Moore – Study In Ink [excerpt] (complete version on Traces)
At Jennie Richie – Hashishians One (from Vaudeview Over for Blackened Tea and Hashishans [out of print])
Jonathan Harvey – 4 Images after Yeats – I (from Tombeau de Messiaen)
Raymond Scott – Vim
Andrew Liles – Golden Pipes (from Black Pool)
Olivier Messiaen – Les Yeux dans les roues (from Livre d’Orgue)
Venetian Snares – Room 379 (from My Downfall (Original Soundtrack))
Raymond Scott – Lady Gaylord
Chris Watson – Unknown Forest (from Outside the Circle of Fire)
Ambrose Field – Expanse Hotel: Horse Drama (from CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 32)
Plainchant – Kyrie (from The Hilliard Ensemble – In Paradisum, Music of Victoria and Palestrina)
Raymond Scott – Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night
The Hafler Trio – the whole hog, including the postage – c: without hat location (from Whistling About Chickens)
Regina Spektor – Whisper (from Soviet Kitsch)
Peaches – I Don’t Give A Fuck (from Fatherfucker)
irr. app. (ext.) – “The Emperor Of Disgust” (from Radiant Black Future: Step Forward and Address the Present Amidst the Wreckage of the Past [unavailable; released later this year])
Raymond Scott – K2r
Biosphere – As the Sun Kissed the Horizon (from Substrata)
Revd. Barnaby Huish – Luke 22:54-62 (from Simon Johnson – Purple)
NIN – Eraser (Polite) (from Further Down The Spiral)
Raymond Scott – Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1)
Joanna Newsom – Yarn and Glue (from Yarn and Glue [out of print])
Evanescence – Origin (from Origin)
The Lappetites – Tzungentwist (from Before the Libretto)
Raymond Scott – Lightworks (slow)
CSS – CSS Suxxx (from Cansei de Ser Sexy)
Venetian Snares – Holló Utca 2 (from My Downfall (Original Soundtrack))
Naji Hakim – Pange Lingua – 2. Nobis datum (from Canticum)
Raymond Scott – Awake
Deathprod – Reference Frequencies #5 (from Reference Frequencies)
Andrew Liles & Kenji Siratori – Time Machine (from Black Paper)
Ryoji Ikeda – data.googolplex (from dataplex)
Raymond Scott – Bufferin: Memories
Helios – Cullin Hill (from Unomia)
Anonymous – Isaias cecinit (from The Hilliard Ensemble – Perotin)
Nikita Golyshev – Oil (Light X-Ray), Glass, Metal (frozen) pt.3 (from 15 Songs from Glass, Oil and Other Sources [free download])
Adrian Moore – Foil-Counterfoil [excerpt] (complete version on Traces)
Raymond Scott – Auto-Lite: Wheels
Denise van Outen – Let me finish #1 (from Tell Me On A Sunday)
Johnny Hollow – Motherless Child (from Johnny Hollow)
Elsiane – Assemblage Point (from Hybrid)
Raymond Scott – Auto-Lite: Ford Family
Delia Derbyshire – Nightwalker (from Electrosonic)
Charles Tournemire – La Quinquagésime: Prèlude à l’Introït (from L’Orgue Mystique)
Bad Loop – 3b or t (from Luo [free download])
Raymond Scott – Hostess: Twinkies
irr. app. (ext.) – The Final Sound Before Silence (from Their Little Bones, Becoming Sharp, Find Repose but Fail to Avoid Worrying a Breach in the Ghostly Skin, the Which Separates That Above from That Below (this being The Last and Final Seal) and Whereupon All Light Evacuated the Furnace. Several Consequences Ensue. [out of print; 20 further copies released this year])

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