Client B – Acoustic At The Club Bar & Dining

by 5:4

Throughout the Easter season, Client have been releasing a free EP of “Client B” (i.e. the wonderful Sarah Blackwood (whose birthday was two days ago, so the timing is apposite)) performing an acoustic set, one track being made available per week. It’s a real treat, for many reasons, not least of which being the opportunity to hear Blackwood’s beautiful voice performing in a more stripped-down context; it’s something of a reunion too, with Dubstar colleague Chris Wilkie accompanying on guitar. The tracklisting is great, a mixture of songs by Dubstar, Client, The Smiths and New Order; Sarah Blackwood sounds nervous at first, but it’s clear after a short time that she’s really enjoying herself (she introduces “True Faith” as “one of my favourite northern folk songs”!). Hearing “Not So Manic Now” and “Stars” still sends a shiver down my spine after all these years…


  1. Elevator Song
  2. Price Of Love
  3. Stop Me
  4. Not So Manic Now
  5. Drive
  6. True Faith
  7. Stars


Spike November 22, 2012 • 23:35 - 23:35

Wow, what a find. Thanks for putting the link up.

Anonymous February 12, 2013 • 02:20 - 02:20

Thank you


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