Ensemble Exposé: Brian Ferneyhough – Incipits (UK Première) plus Davies, Xenakis, Barrett, Dillon and Sørensen

Here’s a real treat for those who prefer their contemporary music to be at the more intellectually rewarding end of the continuum. It’s music from a concert given at the ICA in London by Ensemble Exposé (plus violist Garth Knox), under the direction of Roger Redgate, who also discusses the music being performed. The concert explored works by diverse composers, from the relatively gentle and meditative soundscapes of Paul Davies and Bent Sørensen to the more densely intricate textures of James Dillon and Richard Barrett (Barrett originally co-founded the ensemble with Redgate); Xenakis, as ever, stands apart, uniquely indescribable. It culminated in the first UK performance of Incipits by one of the greats of contemporary music, Brian Ferneyhough, a fascinating work exploring different ways to start a composition. Also included is a lengthy interview with the composer including a number of other short pieces.

Interview with Roger Redgate

Paul Davies – Genji’s Visit to Utsusemi

Iannis Xenakis – Embellie

Richard Barrett – Anatomy

James Dillon – Siorram

Bent Sørensen – Funeral Procession

Interview with Brian Ferneyhough (includes Supercriptio, Etudes Transendentales No. 3 and Adagissimo)

Brian Ferneyhough – Incipits (UK Première)

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2 Responses to Ensemble Exposé: Brian Ferneyhough – Incipits (UK Première) plus Davies, Xenakis, Barrett, Dillon and Sørensen

  1. Martin Walker

    I first clicked on the file, then when the speaker announces the performance at 2:24 the file jumped back to the beginning, and I had to move it forward manually to 2:25 to get the beginning. I tried this a couple of times with the same result. But when I play it on VLC it plays through. So apparently the default player couldn’t quite deal with the file, which is obviously not quite unproblematic, unlike all the other files I have downloaded from your wonderful site.
    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes,

    • 5:4

      Thanks for this Martin – looks like i need to apologise, as having looked under the hood it’s clear that the ‘Incipits’ file is indeed corrupt; the FLAC stream has got messed up somewhere/somehow, even though it seems to play fine in most programs. So i’ve made a fresh version (omitting all the opening spiel; i’ve been going through all the older recordings removing this, so it starts immediately with the music) which should solve the problem once and for all. Sorry!

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