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Nine Inch Nails‘ music has appeared on here on a number of occasions. A couple of years ago, Trent Reznor unofficially released three compilation albums, each exploring a different aspect of his output. The three volumes of Nine Inch Nails: The Definitive NIN are titled The Singles, Deep Cuts and Quiet, and together they comprise an effective “Best Of” collection. These releases have previously only been available as torrents, but as they’ve now been around for a while, download speeds aren’t what they were; so below are links to download all three volumes much faster. All three are exactly as Reznor released them, including full high-resolution artwork and an HTML page with further information; the music is (sadly) in mp3 format, at (even more sadly) 192Kbps, but hey – it’s free. Here are the links, together with a complete tracklisting for each volume.

The Definitive Nine Inch Nails: The Singles

  1. Head Like A Hole (1989) (from Pretty Hate Machine)
  2. Down In It (1989) (from Pretty Hate Machine)
  3. Sin (1989) (from Pretty Hate Machine)
  4. Wish (1992) (from Broken)
  5. Happiness In Slavery (1992) (from Broken)
  6. Suck (1992) (from Broken)
  7. March Of The Pigs (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  8. Closer (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  9. Hurt (Quiet) (1994) (from Further Down The Spiral)
  10. Dead Souls (1993) (from The Crow)
  11. Burn (1994) (from Natural Born Killers)
  12. The Perfect Drug (1997) (from Lost Highway)
  13. Deep (2001) (from Tomb Raider)
  14. The Day The World Went Away (1999) (from The Fragile)
  15. We’re In This Together (1999) (from The Fragile)
  16. Into The Void (1999) (from The Fragile)
  17. Starfuckers, Inc. (1999) (from The Fragile)
  18. The Hand That Feeds (2005) (from With Teeth)
  19. Only (2005) (from With Teeth)
  20. Every Day Is Exactly The Same (2005) (from With Teeth)

The Definitive Nine Inch Nails: Deep Cuts

  1. Sunspots (2005) (from With Teeth)
  2. Heresy (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  3. The Fragile (1999) (from The Fragile)
  4. Terrible Lie (Live) (2001) (from live album And All That Could Have Been)
  5. Piggy (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  6. Sanctified (1989) (from Pretty Hate Machine)
  7. The Frail (1999) (from The Fragile)
  8. The Wretched (1999) (from The Fragile)
  9. The Collector (2005) (from With Teeth)
  10. Something I Can Never Have (1989) (from Pretty Hate Machine)
  11. All The Love In The World (2005) (from With Teeth)
  12. No, You Don’t (1999) (from The Fragile)
  13. Physical (You’re So) (1992) (from Broken)
  14. Home (2005) (from With Teeth (vinyl version)
  15. The Big Come Down (1999) (from The Fragile)
  16. The Becoming (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  17. Gave Up (1992) (from Broken)
  18. Reptile (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  19. Getting Smaller (2005) (from With Teeth)

The Definitive Nine Inch Nails: Quiet

  1. A Warm Place (2004) (from The Downward Spiral)
  2. Something I Can Never Have (Still) (2002) (from And All That Could Have Been: Still)
  3. Help Me I Am In Hell (1992) (from Broken)
  4. Closer (Precursor) (1994) (from Closer To God)
  5. Even Deeper (1999) (from The Fragile)
  6. La Mer (1999) (from The Fragile)
  7. Adrift And At Peace (2002) (from And All That Could Have Been: Still)
  8. Beside You In Time (2005) (from With Teeth)
  9. The Day The World Went Away (Quiet) (1999) (from The Day The World Went Away)
  10. The Downward Spiral (1994) (from The Downward Spiral)
  11. The Way Out Is Through (1999) (from The Fragile)
  12. The Fragile (Still) (2002) (from And All That Could Have Been: Still)
  13. The Mark Has Been Made (1999) (from The Fragile)
  14. The Great Below (1999) (from The Fragile)
  15. And All That Could Have Been (2002) (from And All That Could Have Been: Still)
  16. Ripe (With Decay) (1999) (from The Fragile)
  17. The Persistence Of Loss (2002) (from And All That Could Have Been: Still)
  18. Right Where It Belongs V2 (2005) (from With Teeth (Japanese Import))
  19. Gone, Still (2002) (from And All That Could Have Been: Still)

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    Thank you very much. I listened to all the Nin songs to sh#t, and I’m so happy now, that I found some new (to me) songs. Maybe 2-3, but I’m soo happy, thank you for the up! You’re awedome!

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