Mystery Mixtape #1

It’s been almost three months since the last 5:4 mixtape, so here’s a fresh one, the first in a new, occasional series of “Mystery Mixtapes”. 90 minutes of music comprising 31 tracks (well, 30 plus a snippet) and—you guessed it—you don’t get to know what they are. Go on, take a chance…

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5 Responses to Mystery Mixtape #1

  1. gimu

    I've loved the "tape". and I can't believe I'll never get to know what those songs are. damn! :)


  2. 5:4

    Glad you liked it gimu!

  3. Anonymous

    You really aren't going to tell us who these folks are??

  4. 5:4

    The clue's in the title, Anonymous…

  5. chris_c

    thanks for the share, but I'll probably be suffering from incurable earworms for the next month. all the best – great blog!

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