Proms 2021: looking forward

by 5:4

This year’s Proms programme has begun, tentatively, to be unveiled. At present there remains a number of concerts where the content has not yet been announced – plus several ‘Mystery Proms’ – so there will be more to come, but thus far there are a few contemporary items to start looking forward to. Below is a summary of the 17 new works currently announced; i’ll update this list as and when – one hopes – more are added. As usual, the first and last Proms concerts open with a new work; James MacMillan will be getting things up and running, while Gity Razaz has drawn the short straw, opening the last night party.

The festival runs from 30 July until 11 September; for more details, head over to the Proms website. In the below summary of premières, ** = world and * = UK.

30 July

James MacMillan – When Soft Voices Die**

2 August

Elizabeth Ogonek – Cloudline**

3 August

Ella Milch-Sheriff – The Eternal Stranger*

7 August

Jessie Montgomery – Banner*

8 August

Augusta Read Thomas – Dance Foldings**

9 August

Mason Bates – Auditorium*

10 August

Britta Byström – Parallel Universes**

19 August

Nico Muhly – A New Flame (after Sweelinck)**

Shiva Feshareki – Aetherworld**

26 August

George Lewis – Minds in Flux**

27 August

Charlotte Bray – Where Icebergs Dance Away*

29 August

Daniel Kidane – new work**

30 August

George Benjamin – Concerto for Orchestra**

5 September

Grace-Evangeline Mason – The Imagined Forest**

6 September

Samy Moussa – A Globe Itself Infolding*

7 September

Unsuk Chin – Subito con forza*

11 September

Gity Razaz – Mother**

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Tom Armstrong June 12, 2021 • 08:11 - 08:11

What do you think of this, Simon? A number of composers I don’t know at all there. Possibly not the usual Fabre list? A younger and more diverse generation perhaps.


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