List of compositions reviewed on 5:4

(Last updated 23 January 2014)

Below is a summary of the compositions reviewed on 5:4. Almost all these articles include a recording of the piece taken from an off-air broadcast. Works more than 50 years old have their date of composition shown in parentheses. * = UK/European Première ** = World Première


Abrahamsen, Hans

String Quartet No. 4 *
Wald *

Adams, John

Saxophone Concerto *

Adès, Thomas

Asyla **
Concerto Conciso **
The Fayrfax Carol
Polaris *
These Premises Are Alarmed **
Totentanz **

Adler, Ayal

Resonating Sounds *

Agnew, Elaine

Dark Hedges **

Alain, Jehan

Trois Danses (1939)

Anderson, Julian

Harmony **

Aperghis, Georges

Champ-Contrechamp **

Archbold, Paul

Nine memos for string quartet

Avram, Ana-Maria

Nouvel Archae


Bäck, Sven-Erik

Nox praecessit

Bainbridge, Simon

The Garden of Earthly Delights **

Baker, George

Toccata-Gigue on The Sussex Carol

Baker, Richard

To Keep a True Lent

Barrett, Richard

13 selfportraits *
Opening of the Mouth *
Nacht und traume

Barry, Gerald

No other people. *

Beamish, Sally

Reed Stanzas (String Quartet No. 3) **

Beattie, Simon

Advent Calendar

Bedford, Luke

Or voit tout en aventure
Outblaze the Sky

Benjamin, George

3 Miniatures
Dance Figures
Into the Little Hill
Sudden Time
Three Inventions for Chamber Orchestra
Viola, Viola

Bennett, Richard Rodney

Out of your Sleep

Berkeley, Lennox

I sing of a maiden

Berkeley, Michael

Organ Concerto

Berlioz, Hector

Grande messe des morts (1837)

Bilyard, Matthew

Impressions **

Bingham, Judith

The Everlasting Crown **

Birtwistle, Harrison

Angel Fighter *
Concerto for Violin & Orchestra *
Gigue Machine *
The Moth Requiem *
O my deare hert, young Jesu sweit
Sonance Severance 2000
Tree of Strings *

Bowler, Laura

Irresistible Demands of the Flesh **

Bray, Charlotte

At the Speed of Stillness **

Bretschneider, Frank


Brian, Havergal

Symphony No. 1 ‘Gothic’ (1927)

Briggs, David

Symphony in Four Movements

Britten, Benjamin

Peter Grimes (1945)

Bryars, Gavin

After the Underworlds **

Buckley, Linda


Burrell, Diana

Blaze **


Cage, John

Concert for piano & orchestra
First Construction (in Metal)
String Quartet in Four Parts (1950)
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Williams Mix

Cardew, Cornelius

Bun No. 1

Carpenter, Gary

Fred & Ginger **

Carter, Elliott

Flute Concerto *
Heart, not so heavy as mine (1938)

Cendo, Raphaël

Rokh I *

Chen, Qigang

Joie éternelle *

Chilcott, Bob

The Angry Planet **

Chin, Unsuk

Double Concerto
Gougalōn *
Six Piano Études
Violin Concerto (Jennifer Koh/BBC SO)
Violin Concerto (Hae-Sun Kang/BBC Phil)

Clarke, James

2013-V **

Clementi, Aldo


Clyne, Anna

Masquerade **

Cowie, Edward

Earth Music I – The Great Barrier Reef **

Crumb, George

Black Angels
Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death

Czernowin, Chaya



Dalbavie, Marc-André

Flute Concerto

Davies, Paul

Genji’s Visit to Utsusemi

Davies, Tansy

Christmas Eve **
Variation on an Elizabethan Theme **
Wild Card **

Dean, Brett

Electric Preludes *

Dench, Chris

Passing bells: night

Dillon, James

La navette *
Nine Rivers **

  1. East 11th St NY 10003
  2. L’ECRAN parfum
  3. Viriditas
  4. La femme invisible
  5. La coupure
  6. L’œuvre au noir
  7. éileadh sguaibe
  8. Introitus
  9. Oceanos

String Quartet No. 5 **
String Quartet No. 6 *

Dove, Jonathan

Gaia Theory **
I am the day
A Song of Joys **

Dubugnon, Richard

Battlefield Concerto *

Duncan, Adam

Images Sombres **

Dupré, Marcel

Prelude & Fugue in B (1912)

Dusapin, Pascal

Morning in Long Island *
String Quartet No. 6, ‘Hinterland’ (‘Hapax’ for string quartet and orchestra) *


Eötvös, Peter

DoReMi *

Escaich, Thierry

Electra Mourns **

Escaich, Thierry

Evocation III (on ‘Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland’) *


Feldman, Morton

Bass Clarinet and Percussion
Piano and Orchestra
The Swallows of Salangan *

Ferneyhough, Brian

Dum transisset I-IV
Etudes Transendentales – No. 3
Incipits *
Missa Brevis
Plötzlichkeit *
La terre est un homme

Firsova, Alissa

Bach Allegro **

Finnissy, Michael

Piano Concerto No. 2 *

Fitkin, Graham

Cello Concerto **
PK **

Fox, Christopher

Chambre privée **


Glanert, Detlev

Musik für Violine und Orchester *

Glass, Philip

Symphony No. 10 *

Greenwood, Jonny

Norwegian Wood – Suite (arr. Robert Ziegler) **

Grime, Helen

Near Midnight **
Night Songs **

Grisey , Gérard

Mégalithes *

Gubaidulina, Sofia

The Rider on the White Horse *

Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Pelle

Incontri *


Harvey, Jonathan

Dum transisset sabbatum
The Annunciation **
Messages **
The Royal Banners Forward Go
Weltethos *

Hayden, Sam

surface / tension **

Heap, Imogen

The Listening Chair (arr. E. Whitacre) **

Henze, Hans Werner

Symphony No. 5

Hillborg, Anders

Cold Heat *
Liquid Marble

Higgins, Gavin

Der Aufstand **
Three Broken Love Songs
Velocity **

Holloway, Robin

Fifth Concerto for Orchestra **
RELIQUARY – Scenes from the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, enclosing an instrumentation of Robert Schumann’s ‘Gedichte der Königin Maria Stuart’ **

Holt, Simon

Morpheus Wakes *
a table of noises **
a table of noises
Two movements for string quartet

Howard, Emily

Calculus of the Central Nervous System *


Jackson, Gabriel

The Christ Child **
In nomine Domini **
Justorum animæ
The Lord’s Prayer


Kay, Alison

Flux **

Kellogg, Daniel

Soft Sleep Shall Contain You: A Meditation on Schubert’s Death and the Maiden *

Khan, Nishat/Stacey, Pete

The Gate of the Moon (Sitar Concerto No. 1) **

Kirschner, Kenneth

July 17, 2010

Knussen, Oliver

Two Organa

Kokoras, Panayiotis

Jet **

Kurtág, György

Scenes from a Novel


Lachenmann, Helmut

Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied *

Larcher, Thomas

Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra **

Lam, Fung

Endless Forms **

Langgaard, Rued

Symphony No. 11 ‘Ixion’ * (1945)

Lauridsen, Morten

O magnum mysterium

Ligeti, György

Poème symphonique (1962)

Lim, Liza


Lindberg, Magnus

Al largo *
Era *

Lizée, Nicole

The Golden Age of the Radiophonic Workshop (Fibre-Optic Flowers) **

Long, Zhou

Postures *


MacMillan, James

After the Tryst
Domine non secundum peccata nostra **
Cello Concerto
Credo **
Fourteen Little Pictures
Ì (A Meditation on Iona)
Kiss On Wood
A New Song
Oboe Concerto **
Raising Sparks
The Sacrifice – Three Interludes
Seraph **
Sowetan Spring
St John Passion
String Quartet No. 3 **
Symphony No. 3 ‘Silence’
Symphony ‘Vigil’
They Saw That The Stone Had Been Rolled Away
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
The World’s Ransoming

Manoury, Philippe

Trauermärsche **

Martin, Matthew

Adam lay ybounden

Mason, Benedict

Meld **

Matalon, Martin

Lignes de fuite *

Matthews, Colin

No Man’s Land **
Turning Point *
Violin Concerto

Matthews, David

A Vision of the Sea **

Maxwell Davies, Peter

Il rozzo martello
Musica benevolens **
One Star, at Last
The Wells Service

McCabe, John

Joybox **
The last and greatest herald

McNeff, Stephen

ConcertO Duo **

Meredith, Anna

Four Tributes to 4am **

Messiaen, Olivier

Dieu parmi nous (1936)
Trois Petites Liturgies de la Présence Divine

Mochizuki, Misato

Musubi *

Molitor, Claudia

Schnalz **

Molosov, Alexander

The Foundry

Montague, Stephen

Wilful Chants **

Moore, Philip

All wisdom cometh from the Lord
Magnificat from The Third Service
Salve Regina **

Muldowney, Dominic

Mary **

Muntendorf, Brigitta

Sweetheart, Goodbye!

Musgrave, Thea

Ithaca **
Loch Ness – a Postcard from Scotland **


Nancarrow, Conlon

String Quartet
Study No. 7 (arr. Yvar Mikhashoff)

Nicolai, Carsten


Nixon, June

The holly and the ivy

Nørgård, Per

Symphony No. 7 *

Northcott, Bayan

Hymn to Cybele


O’Regan, Tarik

Latent Manifest **

Ore, Cecilie

Come to the Edge! **


Pärt, Arvo

Богородице Дево (Bogoróditse Djévo)
In Spe **
Cecilia, vergine romana
Symphony No. 4 ‘Los Angeles’ * (Philharmonia)
Symphony No. 4 ‘Los Angeles’ (BBC NOW)

Panufnik, Roxanna

The Call
Three Paths to Peace *

Pesson, Gérard


Philips, Julian

Sorowfull Songes **

Pinnock, Naomi

String Quartet No. 2: Traces *
Words **

Prokofiev, Gabriel

Violin Concerto ‘1941’ **

Purcell, Henry (arr. Joby Talbot)

Chacony in G minor **


Rands, Bernard

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra *

Ranjbaran, Behzad

Seemorgh – The Sunrise *

Ratkje, Maja S K

‘And Sing While Thou On Pressed Flowers Dost Sleep’ **
Crepuscular Hour *

Rautavaara, Einojuhani

Christmas Carol **

Reich, Steve

Different Trains
Triple Quartet *

Rich, Robert


Rihm, Wolfgang


Robinson, Christopher

Make we joy now in this fest

Rodgers, John


Roustom, Kareem

Ramal *

Rütti, Carl

In this season of the year **

Rzewski, Frederic

Piano Concerto **


Saariaho, Kaija

Laterna magica *

Sandström, Jan

Det är en ros utsprungen (Lessons & Carols 2009)
Det är en ros utsprungen (Lessons & Carols 2010)

Saunders, Rebecca

Ire **
still *

Sawer, David

Flesh and Blood **

Schnelzer, Albert

A Freak in Burbank *

Schnittke, Alfred

Cello Concerto No. 2
Concerto for Three
Concerto Grosso No. 1
Concerto Grosso No. 2
Concerto Grosso No. 6
Fragments **
Hommage à Edvard Grieg
(K)ein Sommernachtstraum
Piano Quintet
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 3
String Trio
Symphony No. 4
Symphony No. 5 (Concerto Grosso No. 4)
Symphony No. 8 *

Schuller, Gunther

Where the Word Ends *

Scelsi, Giacinto

Tre Canti Sacri (1958)

Sciarrino, Salvatore

Responsorio delle Tenebre

Seither, Charlotte

Language of Leaving **

Shepherd, Sean

Magiya *

Sierra, Arlene

Piano Concerto, ‘Art of War’ **

Signal – Frank Bretschneider, Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto) & Olaf Bender (aka Byetone)


Simpson, Mark

sparks **

Skempton, Howard

Oculus **

Sohal, Naresh

The Cosmic Dance **

Sørensen, Bent

Funeral Procession
La mattina (Piano Concerto No. 2) *

Steen-Andersen, Simon

String Quartet No. 2 *

Stockhausen, Karlheinz


Stucky, Steven

Rhapsodies **

Swayne, Giles

Adam Lay Ibounden

Szewach, Julieta


Szlavnics, Chiyoko

Materia/Immateria **


Takemitsu, Tōru

From me flows what you call time *
Garden Rain
Signals from Heaven

Tavener, John

Gnōsis **
Popule meus *
The Lamb
Requiem Fragments **
Towards Silence (European Première)

Þorvaldsdóttir, Anna

æquilibria *

Tiensuu, Jukka

Voice verser *

Tippett, Michael

Collegium Sancti Johannis Cantabrigiense
Five Negro Spirituals from ‘A Child of Our Time’
Plebs angelica
Preludio al Vespro di Monteverdi

Tómasson, Haukur

Magma *

Tone, Yasunao


Trunk, Markus


Turnage, Mark-Anthony

Canon Fever **
Frieze **
Hammered Out **
L’espoir (from Speranza) **


Vir, Param

Cave of Luminous Mind **

Vivancos, Bernat

El davallament de la creu **

Vivier, Claude

Orion *

Volans, Kevin

Piano Concerto No. 3 **

V/Vm (Leyland Kirby)

The Death of Rave

Vine, Carl

Ring out, wild bells **


Wallin, Rolf

Ground *

Walshe, Jennifer

Detleva Verens – Scintillia

Ward, Duncan

Who Is Mr Grobe? **

Watkins, Huw

Violin Concerto **

Webern, Anton von

Five Canons Op. 16

Weir, Judith

All the Ends of the Earth
Day Break Shadows Flee **
Illuminare, Jerusalem
Illuminare, Jerusalem
Stars, Night, Music and Light **

Whitacre, Eric

Higher, Faster, Stronger **

Widmann, Jörg

Flûte en suite *
String Quartet No. 2 (Chorale Quartet)
Teufel Amor *

Willberg, Mack

Ding! Dong! Merrily on High

Wishart, Peter

Alleluya! A new work is come on hand

Wishart, Stevie

Out of This World **

Woolrich, John

Variation on an Elizabethan Theme **


Xenakis, Iannis



Yeats, Marc

rhêma **
sturzstrom **

Youssef, Dhafer

Les Ondes Orientales **


Zimmermann, Bernd Alois

Rheinische Kirmestänze