List of compositions reviewed on 5:4

Compositions are discussed on 5:4 in three contexts: concert reviews, focus articles and CD reviews. In the first and last of these, discussion of individual pieces may be anything from just a few words to a lengthy paragraph. Focus articles are much more in-depth, examining a work in detail, and usually include a recording of the piece taken from a radio broadcast.

The below list summarises the compositions discussed in focus articles and concert reviews (CD reviews are not presently included). Works only mentioned in passing and performances of portions of larger compositions are generally omitted from this list.

* = UK/National/European Première ** = World Première

(Last updated 23 March 2018)


Ablinger, Peter

Augmented Study for 7 Violins *
QUARTZ for high orchestra **

Abrahamsen, Hans

Liebeslied **
String Quartet No. 4 *
Wald *

Adámek, Ondřej

Conséquences particulèrements blanches ou noires **

Adams, John

Saxophone Concerto *

Adès, Thomas

Asyla **
Concerto Conciso **
The Exterminating Angel *
The Fayrfax Carol
Polaris *
These Premises Are Alarmed **
Totentanz **

Adkins, Monty

Music from Empire **
Rift Patterns **
Spiral Paths **

Adler, Ayal

Resonating Sounds *

Agnew, Elaine

Dark Hedges **

Akama, Ryoko

an dt wo **

Alain, Jehan

Trois Danses

Alberga, Eleanor

Arise, Athena! **

Alessandrini, Patricia

Tracer la lune d’un doigt **

Álvarez, Javier


Anderson, Julian

The Comedy of Change
Harmony **
The Imaginary Museum **
Incantesimi *

Andersson, B. Tommy

Pan **

Aperghis, Georges

Champ-Contrechamp **
Récitations 11/12

Archbold, Paul

Nine memos for string quartet

Arnold, Martin

Vault *

Aðalgeirsson, Ari Hálfdán

Gaia **

Auerbach, Lera

The Infant Minstrel and His Peculiar Menagerie *

Avram, Ana-Maria

Nouvel Archae


Bäck, Sven-Erik

Nox praecessit

Bainbridge, Simon

The Garden of Earthly Delights **

Bailie, Joanna

Artificial Environments 1–5
Last Song from Charleroi *
Roll-Call **

Baker, George

Toccata-Gigue on The Sussex Carol

Baker, Richard

Hwyl fawr ffrindiau **
To Keep a True Lent

Ballamy, Iain


Bång, Malin

Kudzu/the sixth phase *
Siku **

Barker, Guy

The Lanterne of Light **

Barraqué, Jean

Deux morceaux pour piano

Barrett, Natasha

Sagittarius A* *

Barrett, Richard

13 selfportraits *
Opening of the Mouth *
Nacht und traume

Barry, Gerald

Canada **
No other people. *


Delightful Buzz **

Bauckholt, Carola

Laufwerk * [HCMF 2017]
Laufwerk [Only Connect 2018]
Point of Presence

Beamish, Sally

Merula perpetua **
Reed Stanzas (String Quartet No. 3) **

Beattie, Simon

Advent Calendar

Beaudoin, Richard

Digital Memory and the Archive

Bedford, Luke

In Bright Black Ink
Instability **
Or voit tout en aventure
Outblaze the Sky

Bell, Iain

Aurora **

Benjamin, George

Three Miniatures for Solo Violin
Dance Figures
Into the Little Hill
Three Inventions for Chamber Orchestra
Viola, Viola

Bennett, Richard Rodney

Out of your Sleep

Berkeley, Lennox

I sing of a maiden

Berkeley, Michael

Nocturne **
Organ Concerto
Violin Concerto **

Bergner, Ylva Lund

viivii **

Berlioz, Hector

Grande messe des morts

Beuger, Antoine

en una noche oscura *

Bianchi, Oscar

Pathos of Distance **

Billone, Pierluigi

Legno.Edre II.Edre *

Bilyard, Matthew

Impressions **

Bingham, Judith

The Everlasting Crown **

Birtwistle, Harrison

Angel Fighter *
Concerto for Violin & Orchestra *
Deep Time *
Double Hocket
Gigue Machine *
The Moth Requiem *
O my deare hert, young Jesu sweit
Silbury Air
The Silk House Sequences * [UK: Arditti Quartet]
The Silk House Sequences * [Germany: Arditti Quartet]
Sonance Severance 2000
Tree of Strings *

Bjarnason, Daníel

Bow to String

Bjarnason, Kolbeinn

Musik der Unzeitlichkeit II **

Björnsdóttir, Þórunn

Spirit 1 **

Björnsson, Sveinn Lúðvík

Sonnetta númer þrjátíu og níu **
Time in mind **

Blackford, Richard

Kalon **

Blecharz, Wojtek

Ahimsa *
Body-opera **

Bloom, Darren

Five Brief Lessons **

Borzelli, Silvia

own pace (amnesia 3b)

Boulez, Pierre

Domaines (both solo & ensemble version)
Mémoriale (…explosante-fixe… Originel)
Piano Sonata No. 1

Bowler, Laura

FFF **
Irresistible Demands of the Flesh **

Braxton, Anthony

Composition 69M

Bray, Charlotte

At the Speed of Stillness **
Entanglement **
Falling in the Fire **

Brennan, Patrick

Polly Roe

Bretschneider, Frank


Brian, Havergal

Symphony No. 1 ‘Gothic’

Briggs, David

Symphony in Four Movements

Bruce, David

Sidechaining **

Brunvoll, Mari Kvien

Songs From The Inside of Outside

Bryars, Gavin

After the Underworlds **

Buckley, Linda


Buess, Alex

VORTEX_V1.01 *

Burrell, Diana

Blaze **

Burzyńska, Nikolet

Ombak *

Butcher, John

Tarab Cuts


Cage, John

Concert for piano & orchestra
First Construction (in Metal)
String Quartet in Four Parts
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Williams Mix

Caine, Uri

Hamsa *

Calderone, Dario

For Nina **

Cannell, Laura


Cantwell, Brenna


Cardew, Cornelius

Bun No. 1

Carey, Jeff

Precursor to Hypercube

Carpenter, Gary

Dadaville **
Fred & Ginger **

Carter, Elliott

Flute Concerto *
Heart, not so heavy as mine

Cassidy, Aaron

The Pleats of Matter [Alba New Music 2016: Diego Castro Magas]
The Pleats of Matter [Electric Spring 2015: Diego Castro Magas]
the wreck of former boundaries [ensemble version] *

Cendo, Raphaël

Rokh I *

Chen, Qigang

Joie éternelle *

Chilcott, Bob

The Angry Planet **

Chin, Unsuk

Double Concerto
Gougalōn *
Mannequin **
Six Piano Études
Violin Concerto [Jennifer Koh/BBC SO/Ilan Volkov]
Violin Concerto [Hae-Sun Kang/BBC PO/James MacMillan]

Christensen, Jeppe Just

Orakel I-III

Ciciliani, Marko

Pop Wall Alphabet
Steina *

Clapperton, James

Doroga Zhizni

Clarke, James

2013-V **
Untitled No. 9 **

Clarke, Michael

Enmeshed 3 *

Clementi, Aldo


Clemente, Manfredi

Les dimensions du réel

Clyne, Anna

Masquerade **
The Seamstress *

Clowes, Trish

Apple Boy

Coll, Francisco

Vestiges **

Coult, Tom

St John’s Dance **

Cowie, Edward

Earth Music I – The Great Barrier Reef **

Crane, Laurence

Movement for 10 musicians

Crossley, Andrew

Koan #2 **

Crumb, George

Black Angels
Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death

Cutting, Michael

This Is Not A Faux Wood Keyboard **

Czernowin, Chaya



Dalbavie, Marc-André

Flute Concerto

Daverson, Steven

Elusive Tangibility II: Firelife *

Davies, Hywel

War Songs **

Davies, Paul

Genji’s Visit to Utsusemi

Davies, Tansy

Christmas Eve **
Dark Ground
Salt Box
Variation on an Elizabethan Theme **
What Did We See? **
Wild Card **

Dean, Brett

Approach – Prelude to a Canon *
Electric Preludes *
Fire Music *
The Siduri Dances **

Deforce, Arne & Vainio, Mika

Hephaestus *

Dench, Chris

Passing bells: night

Derbyshire, Delia

The Delian Mode

Desenne, Paul

Hipnosis mariposa *

Dillon, James

Piano Concerto ‘Andromeda’
The Louth Work: Orphic Fragments **
La navette *
New York Triptych *
Nine Rivers **

  1. East 11th St NY 10003
  2. L’ECRAN parfum
  3. Viriditas
  4. La femme invisible
  5. La coupure
  6. L’œuvre au noir
  7. éileadh sguaibe
  8. Introitus
  9. Oceanos

Physis **
Piano Concerto ‘Andromeda’
Stabat mater dolorosa **
String Quartets No. 1–7 [HCMF 2014: Arditti Quartet]
String Quartet No. 5 ** [HCMF 2009: Arditti Quartet]
String Quartet No. 6 * [HCMF 2011: Quatuor Diotima]
String Quartet No. 8 *
String Quartet No. 9 **
Tanz/haus: triptych 2017 **
em>Traumwerk Book I

Djordjević, Milica

Indigo **

Dodgson, Stephen

Hymnus de Sancto Stephano

Dohmen, Andreas

Versi Rapportati *

Donatoni, Franco


Dove, Emma & Lyken, Mark

Mirror Lands

Dove, Jonathan

Chorale Prelude ‘Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam’ **
Gaia Theory **
I am the day
A Song of Joys **

Dreyer, Mads Emil

Forsvindere 2

Dubugnon, Richard

Battlefield Concerto *

Dui, Isnaj


Dumitrescu, Iacnu

Élan and Permanence **

Duncan, Adam

Images Sombres **

Dupré, Marcel

Prelude & Fugue in B

Durupt, Laurent

Grids for Greed **

Dusapin, Pascal

Morning in Long Island *
Outscape *
String Quartet No. 6, ‘Hinterland’ (‘Hapax’ for string quartet and orchestra) *


Eastman, Julius

Evil Nigger (arr. Thomas Opalka: 3-quartet version) **

Eck, Cathy van

Wings *

Efthymiou, Litha

Tread Softly **

Eiríksson, Þórólfur

Rafboð **

El-Turk, Bushra

Crème Brûlée on a Tree **

Elias, Brian

Cello Concerto **
Electra Mourns **

Eötvös, Peter

DoReMi *
The Golden Dragon

Ernst, Jeppe


Escaich, Thierry

Evocation III (on ‘Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland’) *

Ešenvalds, Ēriks

Shadow **

Estrada, Julio

yuunohui *


Farrin, Suzanne

Hypersea **

Farrington, Iain

Gershwinicity **

Feiler, Dror

Questions and Stones 3 *

Feldman, Morton

Bass Clarinet and Percussion
Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety
Piano and Orchestra
Piano Four Hands
Piece for Four Pianos
Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar (reconstructed by Seth Josel)
Projections I
The Swallows of Salangan *
Two Pieces for Three Pianos
Vertical Thoughts I

Fennessy, David

Hauptstimme **

Ferneyhough, Brian

Dum transisset I-IV
Fanfare for Klaus Huber
Incipits *
Liber Scintillarum *
Missa Brevis
Plötzlichkeit *
Schatten aus Wasser und Stein **
La terre est un homme
Time & Motion Study II
Unity Capsule
Umbrations **
Umbrations *

Ferreyra, Beatriz

Senderos de luz y sombras **

Filidei, Franceso

Finito ogni gesto

Finnis, Edmund

Parallel Colour **

Finnissy, Michael

“above earth’s shadow…”
A-lang Felton Lonnen **
Andersen-Leiderkreis *
Back on Earth **
Beat Generation Ballads **
Dust **
Janne **
John the Baptist **
Judith Weir
Piano Concerto No. 2 *
Song 1/Song 16
Wild Flowers

Firsova, Alissa

Bach Allegro **
Bergen’s Bonfire **

Fitch, Fabrice

Agricola IXd

Fitkin, Graham

Cello Concerto **
PK **

Fongaard, Bjørn

Concerto for cello and tape **
3 Novasjoner *

Foster, Ben

Young Musician Theme & Variations **

Fox, Christopher

Chambre privée **
Topophony **

Frances-Hoad, Cheryl

Chorale Prelude ‘Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott’ **
From the Beginning of the World **
A Love Song for Dusty

Francesconi, Luca

Duende – The Dark Notes *
We Wept **

Franzson, Davíð Brynjar

on Matter and Materiality **

Frey, Jürg

Area of Three *
Extended Circular Music No. 2 **
Extended Circular Music No. 9 **
Fragile Balance *
Grizzana **
I Listened to the Wind Again **
Late Silence **
Mémoire, horizon *
Pianist, alone No. 2
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 3 *

Friðriksson, Ríkharður H.

Circular Flow

Fuchs, Reinhard


Fujikura, Dai

Recorder Concerto
Sawasawa **
scion stems *
Zawazawa *

Furrer, Beat

Intorno al Bianco *


Gardner, James

Ten Bells for Turning Forty **

Gaunt, Ben

Filling Rubin’s Vase

Gee, Erin

Mouthpieces I/II

Gerhard, Roberto

DNA in Reflection (Audiomobile No. 2)

Gesualdo, Carlo

Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday

Gjeilo, Ola

Unicornis captivator

Glanert, Detlev

Musik für Violine und Orchester *

Glass, Philip

Symphony No. 10 *

Goldstein, Malcolm

Two seeking song, listening

Gordon, Michael

Big Space **

Gordon, Michael Zev

For Fiammetta **
String Quartet No. 2 **

Goves, Larry

The Devotions **

Granberg, Magnus

How Vain Are All Our Frail Delights? **

Greenwood, Jonny

Norwegian Wood – Suite (arr. Robert Ziegler) **

Grigorjeva, Galina

Vespers ** [Estonian Music Days 2017]
Vespers [Estonian Music Days 2018]

Grime, Helen

Near Midnight **
Night Songs **
Two Eardley Pictures (1. Catterline in Winter, 2. Snow) **

Grisey , Gérard

Dérives *
Mégalithes * [UK première]
Mégalithes * [Norwegian première]

Gruber, HK

into the open … **

Grütter, Martin

Die Häutung des Himmels **

Gubaidulina, Sofia

The Rider on the White Horse *

Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Pelle

Incontri *

Guðmundsson, Hugi

Eq. IV: Windbells

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

Laberico Narabida **

Guðnadóttir, Hildur

From The Other Place

Guillemat, Julien

Sonnation I


Haas, Georg Friedrich

aus freier Lust…verbunden…
Concerto grosso No. 1 *
Ein Schattenspiel
Hyena *
I can’t breathe *
in vain *
the last minutes of inhumanity **
Octet for eight trombones *
Open Spaces II *
Solstices **
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 10 **

Haensler, Stephanie

daan und waan *
ganz nah *
Im Begriffe *

Haines, Cee (Chaines)

Knockturning **

Hamel, Edward

Gray Neon Life

Hamlen, Joe

Shipping **

Haraldsdóttir, Kristin Þóra

In Praise of Darkness *

Harden, Pete

Forming a petal from a piece of metal *

Harding, Hollie

Melting, Shifting, Liquid World **

Harrold, Tom

Raze **

Harker, Alex

Fractures 5’33 **

Harrison, Jonty

Going / Places **

Hartanto, Marisa

Rumble to the Past **

Harðarson, Haukur Þór

Memory´s wavering echo **

Hartman, Hanna

Shadow Box *

Harvey, Jonathan

Cirrus Light
Dum transisset sabbatum
The Annunciation **
Messages **
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco [Kevos 2018]
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco [Estonian Music Days 2017]
The Royal Banners Forward Go
Weltethos *

Hauser, Fritz

Rundum *
Schraffur *

Hayden, Sam

surface / tension **
Transience **

Hayes, Lauren Sarah

Mini Savior Opt. **

Hayes, Malcolm

Violin Concerto **

Heap, Imogen

The Listening Chair (arr. E. Whitacre) **

Hellawell, Piers

Etruscan Games
Love on the Escalator **
Piani, Latebre
Wild Flow **

Henke, Robert


Henze, Hans Werner

Symphony No. 5

Hesketh, Kenneth

The Singing Bone ** [2017 revised version]

Hespos, Hans-Joachim

a e r i *

Hillborg, Anders

Bach Materia *
Beast Sampler *
Cold Heat *
Hautposaune *
Liquid Marble
Sirens *

Higgins, Gavin

Der Aufstand **
The Ruins of Detroit **
Three Broken Love Songs
Velocity **

Hillier, Edwin

engine oil and charcoal *

Hind, Rolf

Tiger’s Nest **

Hinde, Kathy

Singularity **

Hirs, Rozalie

Platonic ID *

Hirsch, Liisa

Flame Sounds
Lävi **
Terrains **

Hjálmarsson, Þráinn

As heard across a room **

Hoban, Wieland

Knokler **

Hodkinson, Juliana


Hogan, Moses

The Battle of Jericho

Holloway, Robin

Fifth Concerto for Orchestra **
RELIQUARY – Scenes from the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, enclosing an instrumentation of Robert Schumann’s ‘Gedichte der Königin Maria Stuart’ **

Holst, Gustav

The Planets

Holt, Simon

Morpheus Wakes *
Quadriga **
a table of noises **
Two movements for string quartet

Hosokawa, Toshio

Vertical Time Study II

Howard, Emily

Calculus of the Central Nervous System *
Torus **

Howells, Herbert

O pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Hsiao, Yung-Shen

Winter Fantasy

Hughes, Ed

The Nose

Hurel, Philippe

Entre les Lignes **


Iannotta, Clara

dead wasps in a jam-jar (iii) *
Paw-marks in wet cement **

Ibarra, Víctor

La dimensión frágil *

Ikeda, Ryoji

datamatics [ver. 2.0]
Music for Percussion

Illean, Lisa

Sleeplessness … Sails **

Ingvarsson, Helgi Rafn

Loom **

Ireland, Kristian


Ives, Charles

Piano Trio


Jackson, Gabriel

The Christ Child **
In nomine Domini **
Justorum animæ
The Lord’s Prayer

Jin, Weiwei

Sterna Paradiaea, Returning…

Johnson, Evan


Jolas, Betsy

Wanderlied *

Jónsdóttir, Ásbjörg

Helga EA2 **

Jónsdóttir, Þuríður



Kaner, Matthew

Hansel & Gretel **

Karkowski, Zbigniew

Doing By Not Doing *
Encumbrance *
Fluster *
Form & Disposition *
Studio Varèse *

Kats-Chernin, Elena

Roses in a Box **

Kay, Alison

Flux **

Kellogg, Daniel

Soft Sleep Shall Contain You: A Meditation on Schubert’s Death and the Maiden *

Kendall, Hannah

The Spark Catchers **
Verdala **

Khan, Nishat/Stacey, Pete

The Gate of the Moon (Sitar Concerto No. 1) **

Kishino, Malika

Ochres II **

Knussen, Oliver

Two Organa

Kokoras, Panayiotis

Jet **

Kõlar, Margo

The Belfry **

Kondo, Jo

A Shrub

Kontz, Catherine

The Moon Moves Slowly (But It Crosses The Town) *
Snakes & Ladders **

Kooij Demelza & Koens, Lars


Kõrver, Kristjan

Toc III **

Kõrvits, Maria

I Am Calling For You **
through **

Kõrvits, Tõnu

The Night is Darkening Round Me

Kotoński, Włodzimierz


Kozlova-Johannes, Tatjana

I Will Cross This Road **
To My End and to Its End… **

Knittel, Krzysztof

The Worm Conqueror
Norcet II *

Kreek, Cyrillus

Psalm 121
Psalm 137
Psalm 141
Kui suur on meie vaesus
Õnnis on Inimene

Kristinsson, Gunnar A.

Rætur **

Krunglevičius, Ignas

Gradients *

Kubisch, Christina

Emergency Solos
Wien Landstraße
Seven Magnetic Places

Kurtág, György

…quasi una fantasia…
Clov’s last monologue (a fragment) **
Scenes from a Novel


Lachenmann, Helmut

Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied *

Lam, Fung

Endless Forms **

Lamb, Catherine

Prisma Interius V **

Lang, Bernhard

The Cold Trip, part 2 *
DW24 – Loops for Al Jourgensen *

Lang, Klaus

a (triptychon for organ) *
d (triptychon for organ) *
Seven Views of White *

Langgaard, Rued

Symphony No. 11 ‘Ixion’ *

Lanza, Mauro

The 1987 Max Headroom Broadcast Incident
la bataille de Caresme et de Charnage *
The Kempelen Machine **

Larcher, Thomas

Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra **
Nocturne – Insomnia *
Symphony No. 2 ‘Kenotaph’ *
Smart Dust

Lauridsen, Morten

O magnum mysterium

Lee, Joanna

Hammer of Solitude **

Leeks, Julian

String Quartet

Leeuw, Reinbert de

Der nächtliche Wanderer *

LeFanu, Nicola

Tokaido Road **

Levi, Mica

Greezy **
Signal Before War **

Levienaise-Farrouch, Emilie

The Minutes **

Lewis, George

Not Alone *
Oraculum *

Ligeti, György

Lux aeterna
Poème symphonique
String Quartet No. 2

Lim, Liza

The Green Lion Eats the Sun *
How Forests Think *
The Heart’s Ear
Winding Bodies: 3 Knots *

Lindberg, Magnus

Al largo *
Era *
Two Episodes **

Linde, Eugen

River and Ruins **

Lill, Märt-Matis

Nocturnal Landscapes **

Lizée, Nicole

The Golden Age of the Radiophonic Workshop (Fibre-Optic Flowers) **
Hitchcock Études *

Lockwood, Charlie


Løffler, Simon

b [We Spoke]
b [Neko3]
H **

Løkkegaard, Niels Lyhne

Music for Krügerrand

Long, Zhou

Postures *

Lorway, Norah


Lucier, Alvin

Double Himalaya *


Mackey, Steven

Triceros *

MacMillan, James

Domine non secundum peccata nostra **
Credo **
A European Requiem *
A New Song
Oboe Concerto **
The Sacrifice – Three Interludes
Seraph **
Seven Angels
St John Passion
String Quartet No. 3 **
Symphony No. 3 ‘Silence’
Symphony No. 4 **

Maierhof, Michael

splitting 51 *

Maimets, Riho-Esko

Kolm püha roosipärja palvet **

Maltis, Malle

Puud, kes oskasid kirjutada **

Manoury, Philippe

Trauermärsche **

Mantovani, Bruno

D’un rêve parti

Marclay, Christian

The Bell and the Glass
Fade to Slide
Investigations **
Screen Play
To Be Continued *

Marhaug, Lasse

The Great Silence *

Martin, Matthew

Adam lay ybounden

Martlew, Zoë

Broad St. Burlesque **

Mason, Benedict

Horns Strings and Harmony **
Meld **
Nodding Trilliums & Curve-Lined Angles

Mason, Christian

Open to Infinity: A Grain of Sand *

Matalon, Martin

Lignes de fuite *

Matre, Ørjan

Instant Music

Matson, Kristo

Celeste **

Matthews, Colin

No Man’s Land **
String Quartet No. 5 *
Turning Point *
Violin Concerto

Matthews, David

A Love Song
A Vision of the Sea **

Maxwell, Melinda

Fractures: Monk Unpacked **

Maxwell Davies, Peter

Il rozzo martello
Musica benevolens **
One Star, at Last
Unbroken Circle
The Wells Service

Mazurek, Bohdan

Daisy Story

Mazzoli, Missy

Sinfonia (for Orbiting Spheres) *
Still Life with Avalanche

McCabe, John

Joybox **
The last and greatest herald

McCormack, Timothy

Glass Stratum *
Your Body is a Volume **

McGuire, Paul

Panels **

McLaughlin, Scott


McNeff, Stephen

ConcertO Duo **

Meier, Manuela

epar *

Meredith, Anna

Four Tributes to 4am **
Five Telegrams **
Smatter Hauler **
songs for the M8

Messiaen, Olivier

Quatuor pour la fin du temps
Trois Petites Liturgies de la Présence Divine

Metzger, Jean-Paul

Another Season **

Mikalsen, Jan Erik

Too much of a good thing is wonderful *

Miller, Cassandra

Duet for cello and orchestra **

Mirt, Tomek

Solitaire *

Mochizuki, Misato

Musubi *

Molitor, Claudia

Schnalz **
Walking with Partch **

Molosov, Alexander

The Foundry

Montague, Stephen

Wilful Chants **

Moore, Adrian

The Battle

Moore, Philip

All wisdom cometh from the Lord
Magnificat from The Third Service
Salve Regina **

Morgan-Williams, Bethan

Ghost Tongues **

Moyers, Tim


Muhly, Nico

Falling Pairs **

Muldowney, Dominic

An English Song Book **

Mundry, Isabel

Gefallen **

Muntendorf, Brigitta

Sweetheart, Goodbye!

Murail, Tristan

La Mandragore
Les Ruines Circulaire

Musgrave, Thea

Ithaca **
Loch Ness – a Postcard from Scotland **

Mvula, Laura

Love Like A Lion **


Nancarrow, Conlon

String Quartet
Study No. 7 (arr. Yvar Mikhashoff)

Neuwirth, Olga

Aello – ballet mécanomorphe *

Newman, Jonathan

Blow It Up, Start Again *

Niblock, Phill

Disseminate as Five Quartets *

Nicolai, Carsten


Nicolls, Sarah

Moments of Weightlessness

Níelsdóttir, Björk

Allt er ömurlegt **

Nixon, June

The holly and the ivy

Nobre, Marlos

Kabbalah *

Nordheim, Arne


Nørgård, Per

Symphony No. 3 *
Symphony No. 7 *
Three Nocturnal Movements **

Norman, Andrew

Spiral *

Northcott, Bayan

Concerto for Orchestra **
Hymn to Cybele

Nunn, Patrick

Fata Morgana


O’Regan, Tarik

Latent Manifest **

Øivind Ness, Jon

Gimilen *

Oliveros, Pauline

All Fours for the Drum Bum *
Bottoms Up 1_RMX *
Primordial/Lift *
The Wheel of Time *

Oram, Daphne

Four Aspects
Rockets in Ursa Major
Still Point **

Ore, Cecilie

Come to the Edge! **

Orning, Tanja

Spectre Gul

Osborn, Laurence

Ctrl **

Oswald, John

I’d love to turn **


Pálsson, Páll Ragnar

Crevace **
Lucidity **

Panufnik, Roxanna

The Call
Songs of Darkness, Dreams of Light **
Three Paths to Peace *

Paredes, Hilda

Harriet *
Jitanjáfora *
Señales *

Parmegiani, Bernard

Capture éphémère
Espèces d’espaces

Parra, Hèctor

L’absència *
tentatives de réalité *

Pärt, Arvo

Богородице Дево (Bogoróditse Djévo) [E STuudio Youth Choir]
Богородице Дево (Bogoróditse Djévo) [St John’s College, Cambridge]
In Spe **
Cecilia, vergine romana
Stabat Mater
Symphony No. 4 ‘Los Angeles’ * [Philharmonia/Esa-Pekka Salonen]
Symphony No. 4 ‘Los Angeles’ [BBC NOW/Tõnu Kaljuste]

Park, Owain


Parry, Richard Reed

Fast Cloud: a love song

Partch, Harry

And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma *

Pasquet, Olivier

β Pictoris b

Pauly, Mauricio

The Threshing Floor *

Pauset, Brice

Adagio Dialettico *

Payne, Anthony

Of Land, Sea and Sky **

Pesson, Gérard

Farrago *

Phibbs, Joseph

Juliana **
String Quartet No. 1

Philips, Julian

Sorowfull Songes **

Pickard, John

Symphony No. 5 **

Pinnock, Naomi

The field is woven **
Lines and Spaces **
String Quartet No. 2: Traces *
Words **

Piotrowicz, Robert

Apendic *
Grund *

Pisaro, Michael

fields have ears (10) (constellation, monarch, canyon) **

Poole, Geoff

Zhang Seascapes **

Poppe, Enno

Buch *
Fell *
Fleisch *
Gelöschte Lieder
Rundfunk *

Posadas, Alberto

Sombras *

Potts, Ben


Price, Dave


Priestley, Amber

floors are flowers — take a few

Prokofiev, Gabriel

Violin Concerto ‘1941’ **

Purcell, Henry (arr. Joby Talbot)

Chacony in G minor **

Puzo, Luis Codera



Radigue, Éliane

Occam Delta XV *

Raginskis, Edgars

Sho’ebadeh **

Raidma, Gerta

je suis **

Randalu, Kristjan

Kolm ohvrikivi laulu **

Rands, Bernard

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra *

Ranjbaran, Behzad

Seemorgh – The Sunrise *

Rarity, Nick Morrish

life of lines II *

Ratkje, Maja S K

Aeolian **
‘And Sing While Thou On Pressed Flowers Dost Sleep’ **
Crepuscular Hour *
In Dialogue with Eugeniusz Rudnik *
Rökkur **

Rautavaara, Einojuhani

Christmas Carol **

Reich, Steve

Different Trains
Double Sextet
Triple Quartet *

Rehnqvist, Karin

I Himmelen

Reiter, Eva

Noch sind wir ein Wort… *

Rihm, Wolfgang


Rimkus, Sarah

Le Dian **

Risser, Eve

Furakèla **

Robinson, Christopher

Make we joy now in this fest

Rodgers, John


Rohloff, Steingrímur

The Sinus Experience

Romitelli, Fausto

La sabbia del tempo

Rosenfeld, Marina

Piano and Work (dominos) **

Roustom, Kareem

Ramal *

Rudnik, Eugeniusz

Ready Made

Rúnarsdóttir, Hildigunnur

Fimm Skissur **

Rütti, Carl

In this season of the year **

Rzewski, Frederic

Piano Concerto **


Saariaho, Kaija

Adriana Songs *
Laterna magica *

Saario, Antti Sakari

Above the Blackened Skies

Sabat, Marc

Euler Lattice Spirals Scenery *

Sævarsson, Sigurður

Ave verum corpus **
Diliges Dominum

Saleeb, Daniel

Chorale Prelude ‘Erhalt uns, Herr bei deinem Wort’ **

Sanchez-Chiong, Jorge


Sandström, Jan

Det är en ros utsprungen [Lessons & Carols 2009]
Det är en ros utsprungen [Lessons & Carols 2010]

Saunders, James

positions in the sequence correctly recalled **

Saunders, Rebecca

aether *
Alba *
Behind the Velvet Curtain
Bite **
Blue and Gray
dichroic seventeen
dust *
Into the Blue
Ire **
Molly’s Song 3 – shades of crimson
murmurs *
… of waters making moan
Skin ** [Donaueschingen 2016]
Skin * [HCMF 2016]
Solitude **
Solitude [recording]
still ** [Carolin Widmann/BBC SO/Sylvain Cambreling]
still * [UK: Carolin Widmann/BBC SO/Lionel Bringuier]
Stirrings *
Stirrings Still
to and fro
traces * [UK: Staatskapelle Dresden/Fabio Luisi]
traces * [Austria: Vienna Radio SO/Peter Eötvös]
traces [BBC Scottish SO/Ilan Volkov]
Unbreathed **
a visible trace
Void **
Yes *

Sawer, David

April \ March **
Flesh and Blood **

Schaeffer, Bogusław

Symphony *

Schiphorst, Iris ter

Aus Liebe *
Gravitational Waves

Schnelzer, Albert

A Freak in Burbank *
Tales from Suburbia **

Schnittke, Alfred

Cello Concerto No. 2
Concerto for Three
Concerto Grosso No. 1
Concerto Grosso No. 2
Concerto Grosso No. 6
Fragments **
Hommage à Edvard Grieg
(K)ein Sommernachtstraum
Piano Quintet
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 3
String Trio
Symphony No. 4
Symphony No. 5 (Concerto Grosso No. 4)
Symphony No. 8 *

Schoenberg, Arnold

Vier Stücke aus 6. Kleine Klavierstücke op. 19 (arr. Hans Abrahamsen)

Schubert, Alexander

Scanners *
Wavelet A Societies / Sciences *

Schuller, Gunther

Games *
Where the Word Ends *

Schuppe, Marianna

slow songs *

Scelsi, Giacinto

Ixor IV
Tre Canti Sacri

Sciarrino, Salvatore

12 Madrigali
Archeologia del telefono
Carnaval *
Cosa Resta
Immagine fenicia
Il sogno di Stradella *
Let me die before I wake
La Perfezione di uno spirito sottile
Il pomeriggio di un allarme al parcheggio *
Quartetto No. 7
Responsorio delle tenebre [Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir]
Responsorio delle tenebre [Exaudi]
String Quartet No. 7
Trovare un equilibrio, è necessario?

Segretier, Laurent

Noli me tangere
Skyler and Bliss

Seither, Charlotte

Haut Terrain *
Language of Leaving **

Šenk, Nina

Baca **

Seppar, Evelin

Поля ли мои, поля **

Sergeant, Matthew

Bet Golgotha **

Sharp, Elliott

Foliage *
Oceanus Procellarum *
Sylva Sylvarum **

Shaw, Caroline

Second Essay: Echo **
Third Essay: Ruby **

Sheen, Jack

Together all musty summer air – melted in a haze **

Shepherd, Sean

Magiya *

Shostakovich, Dmitri

Cello Concerto No. 2

Sierra, Arlene

Avian Mirrors
Butterflies Remember a Mountain *
Piano Concerto, ‘Art of War’ **
Ritual in Transfigured Time **

Sigfúsdóttir, María Huld Markan

Oceans **

Signal – Frank Bretschneider, Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto) & Olaf Bender (aka Byetone)


Sikorski, Tomasz

Solitude of Sounds

Simpson, Mark

Israfel **
sparks **

Singleton, Alvin

Argoru II *

Sink, Kuldar

Songs of Death and Birth

Skarphéðinsdóttir, Ingibjörg Ýr

að elska er að sökkva **
O **

Skempton, Howard

Field Notes
Here’s the Tender Coming **
Oculus **
Piano Concerto **
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner **
Solitary Highland Song

Slåttnes, Daniel & Rönnbäck, Sara

Conversation Between Bodies #11

Smith, William O.


Smka, Miroslav

Engrams *

Sohal, Naresh

The Cosmic Dance **

Sørensen, Bent

Funeral Procession
La mattina (Piano Concerto No. 2) *
Wings of Spring

Spiegel, Laurie

Only Night Thoughts **

Stańczyk, Marcin

Some Drops *

Steen-Andersen, Simon

Buenos Aires *
Black Box Music *
String Quartet No. 2 *

Stefánsdóttir, Sóley

Parasite **

Steiger, Rand

Undone **

Steiner, Timo

And then leave everything you’ve got and go… **

Stockhausen, Karlheinz

Oktophonie / Signale zur Invasion

Stravinsky, Igor


Stroope, Z. Randall

The Conversion of Saul

Strootman, Aart

Flowers of Evil **

Stucky, Steven

Rhapsodies **

Styles, Luke

Chasing the Nose

Sumera, Lepo

Play for Two

Sumera, Liina

Conatus **

Sumera, Tammo

Listening Stone **

Szewach, Julieta


Szlavnics, Chiyoko

During a Lifetime *
Materia/Immateria **


Takemitsu, Tōru

From me flows what you call time *
Garden Rain
Signals from Heaven

Talbot, Joby

Ink Dark Moon **
Path of Miracles

Tally, Mirjam

The Land of Tree Worshippers
Vårtidens ljus **

Tarrodi, Andrea

Liguria *

Tavener, John

Cantus mysticus *
Gnōsis **
Ikon of Light
Popule meus *
Requiem Fragments **
Towards Silence (European Première)

Thomalla, Hans

Lied *

Þorvaldsdóttir, Anna

æquilibria *
Fields *
Metacosmos *

Tiensuu, Jukka

Voice verser *

Tippett, Michael

Collegium Sancti Johannis Cantabrigiense
Five Negro Spirituals from ‘A Child of Our Time’
Plebs angelica
Preludio al Vespro di Monteverdi

Toeplitz, Kasper

Agitation/Stagnation *

Tómasson, Haukur

Magma *
Rounds **
Unravelled **

Tone, Yasunao


Torvund, Øyvind

Plans for future violin pieces **

Trapani, Christopher

PolychROME * [Witten 2017]
PolychROME * [HCMF 2017]
Shotgun Schoegaze *

Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre

Bucolic & Broken
un fil rouge *

Trunk, Markus


Tulev, Toivo

Kolm sümfooniat [Three Symphonies] **

Tulve, Helena

Blindly **
Extinction des choses vues *
Heart of the Earth **
Meditation **
The Night-Sea Journey **
You and I **
You and I * [Estonian première]
You and I [Estonian Music Days 2018]

Turnage, Mark-Anthony

Canon Fever **
Contusion ** (2017 revised version)
Farewell **
Frieze **
Hammered Out **
Hibiki *
Maya *
L’espoir (from Speranza) **

Tüür, Erkki-Sven

Flamma *
Prophecy *
Symphony No. 4 ‘Magma’
Symphony No. 9 ‘Mythos’ **

Tveit, Anders

Untitled Echoes for Adjacent Rooms. Listening to Gérard Grisey **


Ullmann, Jakob

la segunda canción del ángel desaparecido **
solo IV **
Son Imaginaire III **

Ulvo, Therese B.


Usui, Shiori

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis s.l. **

Ustvolskaya, Galina

Symphony No. 3 ‘Jesus Messiah, save us!’

Uusberg, Pärt

Mis on Inimene


Vaka, Veronique

Lendh **

Veeroos, Age

Skein of Thought **

Venables, Philip

Venables Plays Bartók **

Verunelli, Francesca

#3987 Magic Mauve *

Vine, Carl

Ring out, wild bells **

Vir, Param

Cave of Luminous Mind **

Vitkauskaite, Ruta

Kragraga *

Vivancos, Bernat

El davallament de la creu **

Vivier, Claude

Orion *
Trois Airs pour un opéra imaginaire

Volans, Kevin

Piano Concerto No. 3 **

Voutchkova, Biliana

Ruins of rules **


Wallin, Rolf

Ground *
The Otheroom *

Walshe, Jennifer

A History of the Voice *
Detleva Verens – Scintillia
Three Songs by Ukeoirn O’Connor [Alba New Music 2016]
Three Songs by Ukeoirn O’Connor [LCMS 2017]

Ward, Duncan

Who Is Mr Grobe? **

Watkins, Huw

Cello Concerto **
Violin Concerto **

Webern, Anton von

Five Canons Op. 16

Wee, Bertram

Dithyrambs **

Weir, Judith

All the Ends of the Earth
Blue-Green Hill
Day Break Shadows Flee **
Illuminare, Jerusalem [Lessons & Carols 2008]
Illuminare, Jerusalem [Lessons & Carols 2010]
In the Land of Uz **
Stars, Night, Music and Light **

Wells, Jessica

Rhapsody for solo oud **

Wennäkoski, Lotta

Flounce **

Wertmüller, Michael

antagonisme contrôlé *

Whitacre, Eric

Deep Field *
Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode arrangement)
Higher, Faster, Stronger **
Lux Aurumque

Widmann, Jörg

Armonica *
Flûte en suite *
String Quartet No. 2 (Chorale Quartet)
Teufel Amor *

Wiegold, Peter

Scare-Fire **

Wigglesworth, Ryan

Clocks from A Winter’s Tale *

Willberg, Mack

Ding! Dong! Merrily on High

Williams, Roderick

Là ci darem la mano **

Wishart, Peter

Alleluya! A new work is come on hand

Wishart, Stevie

Out of This World **

Witter-Johnson, Ayanna

Mento Mood **

Wolff, Christian

Another Possibility
Duo for Pianists I
Robert *
Sailing By **
Spring *

Wood, Hugh

An Epithalamion, Or Mariage Song **

Woolgar, Jonathan

Sextet ‘Lump of Love’ **

Woolrich, John

Swan Song **
Variation on an Elizabethan Theme **

Wubbels, Eric

Psychomechanochronometer *


Xenakis, Iannis



Yazdani, Arash

Demodulation *
Dimension II, Destruction **
Sho’ebadeH *
Stationarity, on temporal motions *
Stromateis: …Emergence… **

Yeats, Marc

rhêma **
sturzstrom **

Yiu, Raymond

Symphony **

Young, Katherine

Where the Moss Glows *

Youssef, Dhafer

Les Ondes Orientales **


Zimmerlin, Alfred

String Quartet No. 4 *

Zimmermann, Bernd Alois

Rheinische Kirmestänze

Zorn, John

Baudelaire **
Earthspirit *
Holy Visions
Merlin *
Madrigals *
Occam’s Razor
Pandora’s Box *
The Remedy of Fortune *
The Book of Heads *
The Tempest
The Hermetic Organ, Office No. II *

Zubel, Agata

Fireworks **
Madrigals *