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Gigs, gigs, gigs: Spring 2017

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There are lots of exciting events coming up in the next few months, approaching new music from a plethora of different angles. Next month the Royal Opera House will be giving the first UK performances of Thomas Adès‘ The Exterminating Angel, based on Luis Buñuel’s splendidly off-kilter movie. Premièred last summer in Salzburg, it’ll be receiving half a dozen performances at Covent Garden from late April to Early May. With a libretto by Tom Cairns, featuring the likes of (among many others) Anne …

Proms 2016: looking forward (but not much)

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i’ve recently returned from a trip to Tallinn to experience some of the annual Estonian Music Days (my reviews can be read over on Bachtrack). In a bit of spare time one afternoon, i finally got around to examining the forthcoming Proms season, and i don’t think it’s entirely due to the fact i was in the midst of a genuinely bold, experimental festival that, from the perspective of new music, Proms 2016 seems so poor bordering on lamentable. In …

Mix Tape #41 : Best Albums of 2017

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! As of today, 5:4 is ten years old, so first of all i want to say an enormous thank you to all of you who have read, commented, enjoyed, shared and supported this blog over the last decade, especially to my merry band of patrons. As this is a special year for 5:4, i’ve planned some exciting things for the next twelve months, all of which will be revealed in due course. Meanwhile, i’m starting the year …

Best Albums of 2017 (Part 1)

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i started last year’s Best Albums of the Year list  concerned about whether or not such lists were a good, viable or indeed practical idea. This year finds me with no such reservations: lists are fun, lists are informative and inspirational, lists are just cool, dammit, and above all this particular list – in spite of its unavoidably provisional nature – is a great way to celebrate the most implausibly wonderful sounds that have entered my ears during the last 12 …

List of albums and EPs reviewed on 5:4

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The below list summarises all of the albums and EPs that have been reviewed on 5:4. For consistency, they are listed according to the first letter of the first name of the group/composer. (Last updated 6 March 2018)

Complete list of ratings

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(Last updated 27 February 2018) Below is a list of every album and EP that has passed through the 5:4 jukebox and been given a rating out of a maximum of five. Five-star releases are highlighted in . Wham! – The Final = 3.86 Wheel of Life – Entheogenic Sound Explorers = 3.75 White Moustache Talk – White Moustache Talk = 4.00 White Sea – In Cold Blood = 3.80 Widesky – Phase Portrait = 2.67 Wil Bolton – Melt …

List of compositions reviewed on 5:4

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Compositions are discussed on 5:4 in three contexts: concert reviews, focus articles and CD reviews. In the first and last of these, discussion of individual pieces may be anything from just a few words to a lengthy paragraph. Focus articles are much more in-depth, examining a work in detail, and usually include a recording of the piece taken from a radio broadcast. The below list summarises the compositions discussed in concert reviews and focus articles (CD reviews are not presently …