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    To submit your music to 5:4 to be considered for a review, please use the following form.

    IMPORTANT: Don't just send out your music to countless places indiscriminately. Do some preliminary research to help you decide whether 5:4 is a suitable place to be sending your work. Read my About page, and take a look at recent articles i've written to be more certain. If your music is at some remove from the (admittedly very eclectic) range of music written about here, then there's a chance it simply won't pique my interest and you're perhaps better off sending it elsewhere. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide for yourself whether i might be interested.

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    Note: If this is released on CD, you will be asked to submit a physical copy identical to what will be sold to the public, i.e. not a stripped-down version or a CDr in a basic wallet. Reviewing a release isn’t solely about the music, but also about the way it’s presented. i will get in touch to let you know where to send the disc.

    If it's either not released on a digital physical format – i.e. it’s only available on vinyl, cassette or wax cylinder for some inexplicable reason – or is download only, then sending audio files is perfectly acceptable; please enter a download link (not a streaming link!) below. Your files must be:

    • lossless: i cannot stress this enough - don't even bother sending lossy files as they'll be ignored/deleted immediately. Preferable formats are ALAC and FLAC; don't send WAV files – in addition to being unnecessarily large, they cause all manner of problems with metadata tags (see below);
    • tagged correctly: ensure that all the essential metadata – artist, album/track titles, etc. – are present and correct, otherwise i'll have no idea what i'm actually listening to. Again, if this data is missing, your files will probably be deleted immediately;
    • accompanied by a high-resolution image of the cover artwork (typically 3000x3000px) and, if applicable, the accompanying PDF booklet. By all means also send a promotional one-sheet as well if you like (PDF please) - these can be useful.

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    Finally: Once you've submitted, please don't expect - and certainly don't solicit - a reply. Your email will have been received and it will not be ignored. Definitely don't follow up asking whether i liked the music and if a review is going to happen. Never, ever do this. Bear in mind that i get sent a very large amount of music, and it can therefore take a while before i get a chance to listen.

    Rest assured, if the music you sent gets me sufficiently excited, it will get written about at some point.

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