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20 years on: The Orb – Blue Room

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Twenty years ago today, The Orb released one of their finest & most legendary creations, the single Blue Room. It became famous immediately due to its length; at 39’58”, it was tantalisingly close to the durational limit set by Gallup, who ran the UK charts, which classified anything of 40 minutes or more as an album. Not surprisingly, therefore, Blue Room instantly became the longest single in UK chart history, which it remains to this day. But Blue Room deserves to be remembered & celebrated most for its embodiment of The Orb’s unique approach to music-making, seamlessly integrating the ostensibly incongruous & hitherto distant idioms of dub & ambient, garnished with elements of minimalism, house & psychedelia.

The track took five months to create, The Orb’s Alex Paterson & Thrash joined by the renowned Steve Hillage & Jah Wobble, whose guitar & bass contributions sat alongside synth from Miquette Giraudy (Hillage’s partner & bandmate from their days as Gong), & a vocal riff by Aisha, sampled from her 1986 track ‘The Creator’. Combined with the ambient dub electronics of Paterson & Thrash, these were the raw elements from which Blue Room was created. The track’s title, incidentally, is a reference to a hangar located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, which certain conspiracy theorists have convinced themselves houses “extraterrestrial spacecraft and bodies“; this theme would be taken further on The Orb’s second album, U.F.Orb, which includes a drastically shortened version of Blue Room.

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