Mystery Mixtape #2

From now on, the 5:4 mixtapes will appear every three months, and here’s the next one. There’s only been one ‘mystery’ mixtape, so i thought it was high time we had another one. As last time, i’m not letting on what’s on this mix, but if anyone should happen to guess them all (there are 21 tracks), i’m sure i could rustle up some kind of reward.

MP3 [1:30:00 | 156Mb]

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3 Responses to Mystery Mixtape #2

  1. Markus

    Hi Simon, many thanks for this. Who is this at 42″ (“Alone again”?). I googled the lyrics but without success. Great stuff.

  2. Markus

    Hi Simon, you can cancel my request. I forgot that you explicitly stated that you were not going to reveal any IDs. Sorry about that. Anyways in the meantime I found the ID for this particular track.

    • 5:4

      That’s right Markus, the Mystery mix tapes are intended to be just that – a mystery! But well done for finding out what that track is!

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