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Outside-In: Ed Nixon

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Today’s contribution to the Outside-In compilation comes from Ed Nixon in Canada. His recording takes its starting point from the recent killing of George Floyd – specifically the now notorious length of time it took for that atrocity to happen. Ed writes:

I suppose I wanted to know what eight minutes and forty-six seconds feels like; and to memorialise, even in a small and personal way, the recent murder in Minneapolis and its consequences.

I call this park The Ravine, and it’s a site I use for inspiration when I’m working on my photography, or video, or music. For example, as a result of this project, there is now a short, 8’46” video in the works; I’ll likely use this recording as its soundtrack. But things change.

The recording was made beside Small’s Creek, Merrill Bridge Park, Toronto, and was done on an old Zoom H4n, using the stereo cross-field mics on the top. Not ideal for a small run of water that is seldom wider than 18″. But it I’ve made it sound larger than that through distance and wide-ish stereo pattern, all the better.

The recording was made in the afternoon of Thursday 3 June, 2020, around 1pm.

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