Mixtape #17 : Lay the Voice to Rest, Dear Mist (In Memoriam Danielle Baquet-Long)

by 5:4
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How quickly a year passes. On this day, 12 months ago, Danielle Baquet-Long died, bringing to an abrupt end the remarkable musical project that she and husband Will had crafted together for several years. Of course, music, like life, goes on regardless, and the prospect of plenty more releases yet to come from both Celer and Chubby Wolf (Dani’s solo project) continues to be an exciting one.

To mark today’s sad anniversary, the new 5:4 mixtape is in Dani’s memory, bringing together a diverse selection of music that broadly falls into the ‘ambient drone’ category. Drone has entranced me since i was pretty young; in the right hands, it has a quality that always seems familiar, yet somehow achingly inscrutable and difficult to define; close and intimate, yet also impossibly distant. But this kind of music (and certainly on an occasion such as this) is perhaps best not written about in too much detail; suffice it to say the examples here range from vast, dazzling textures that seemingly envelop everything in sight to gentle half-heard whispers. Of course, Dani’s own music is included, the final (very brief) example of which gives the mixtape its name.

In total, two and a half hours of music to commemorate the life of one of ambient’s more insightful and imaginative figures. The complete playlist is as follows:

Chubby Wolf – Oh, And How It Was Stunning; Writhing (from L’Histoire)
Richard Chartier – Afterimage [excerpt] (from After)
Jonathan Coleclough – Halant [excerpt] (from Halant/Heat/Beech)
Andrew Liles – Taumatawhakatangitangihangakoauautamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahullanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch – Part 1 (from New York Doll)
Bass Communion – Three Pieces For Television: c – Grammatic Fog (from Bass Communion III)
Hecq – Hypnos I (Distant Fires) (from Steeltongued)
Alva Noto – Xerrox Sora (from Xerrox Vol. 2)
The Caretaker – memory fifty seven (from Theoretically pure anterograde amnesia)
Lustmord – Metastatic Resonance [excerpt] (from The Place Where The Black Stars Hang)
The Hafler Trio – No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful and Seamless Unions [excerpt] (from No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful and Seamless Unions)
John Oswald – aparanthesi A (from aparanthesi)
Biosphere – Trasparenza (from Nordheim Transformed)
Celer – Reply and Finale from Windows 3.1 (from Windows 3.1 (unreleased))
irr. app. (ext.) – drone works #10 [excerpt] (from drone works #10)
Aidan Baker – Live In London 05/14/2007 – Part Three (from Live In London 05/14/2007)
Éliane Radigue – Elemental II [conclusion] (from Elemental II)
Chubby Wolf – Perceptual Constancy Of Ripples (from L’Histoire)
Simon Cummings – at the magical hour when is becomes if [excerpt] (unreleased)
Deathprod – Polytwin (from Love Comes Shining Over The Mountains)
Organum – Omega II [conclusion] (from Omega)
Celer – Bird Claustrophobia (from Melodia)
Wyndel Hunt – Rotation (from Flowers: Dragon’s Eye Fourth Anniversary)
Zeljko McMullen – Fragment Voyeur (from Blue)
Chihei Hatakeyama – A House in the Fog (from The River)
Lovesliescrushing – VUHR (from Chorus)
Chubby Wolf – Lay The Voice To Rest, Dear Mist [excerpt] (from L’Histoire)

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Wow, this looks great. Thank you!!

[…] but you can hear a brief excerpt from No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful And Seamless Unions on my 17th Mix Tape; the excerpt—which includes the deep bass pulse mentioned above—starts 58 minutes into the mix, […]

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