The Isolation Mixtapes : Z

by 5:4

It was nearly six months ago that i began my weekly series of Isolation Mixtapes, and even after just a few weeks it was starting to look as if i had been hopelessly pessimistic about how long the presence of lockdown and the necessity for isolation were going to be part of our daily existence. However, with more areas of the UK experiencing resurging infection numbers and having additional lockdown measures imposed, it’s now clear that six months wasn’t remotely long enough.

Still, all good things etc., so here’s the 26th and final Isolation Mixtape, focusing on composers, artists and groups beginning with the letter Z, bringing to a close my celebration of just some of the most interesting, fascinating and genre-defying good stuff from the last decade. As always, there are two tracks from each of the years 2010 to 2019, featured in chronological order.

Here’s the tracklisting in full, together with approximate timings and links to obtain the music.

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Chris L

In many ways, this feels to me exactly like the right time for you to be finishing this series, Simon. It’s seen us through the first wave, and now we have a wealth of listening to help see us through the second one – I’m sure I’m not the only reader of this blog to have used it as a springboard for listening to many fabulous albums (and a handful of duds, to these ears at least, TBCH, but still, de gustibus, etc.) that I might never have discovered otherwise. On behalf of all of us, I hereby express the profoundest thanks to you for all the hours selfless effort on our behalf that this project must have entailed.

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