Mixtape #62 : Fire

by 5:4
6 minutes read

For the new 5:4 mixtape, apropos of nothing in particular, i’ve chosen fire as the theme. (Perhaps subconsciously i was reflecting on the fact that the days are getting colder…) As always, the mix draws on a diverse collection of tracks that in some way reference fire, charting a journey through portions of film and video game scores (Christopher Young, Antonio Sanchez, Petri Alanko, Johan Söderqvist, Son Lux, Patrick Doyle, John Williams and Angelo Badalamenti) and electronica (IAMX, Hecq, The Knife, Alone Architect, These New Puritans), alongside contemporary instrumental and electroacoustic works (Philippe Petit, John Pickard, Jakob Ullmann, George Antheil), meta-ambient (Ekca Liena, David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette) and one or two tracks that fall outside easy descriptions or genres (Nervous Cop, FORMS, Zurkas Tepla). i’ve closed the mix with one of my favourite hip-hop tracks from my childhood, Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three‘s rip-roaring classic ‘The Roof Is On Fire’.

90 minutes of music that burns, scorches, sears and otherwise blazes a trail through by turns familiar and strange sonic territory. Here’s the tracklisting in full, together with approximate timings and links to obtain the music.

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