Holidays beckon; back in two weeks, with a mega catch-up of all the new Proms premières…

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  1. Tom Duff

    Have a good trip!

    BTW, there’s lots of SPAM appearing in your RSS feed. I don’t know anything about wordpress, but surely it has facilities for helping control this. (e.g. is there an option to require you to approve submissions from strangers?)

    • 5:4

      Thanks Tom!

      i don’t know what you mean about ‘spam’ appearing in an RSS feed. Only my articles can appear in there – i follow the RSS feed myself (using Feedly) & the only contents in there are my articles. Can you elaborate what you’re referring to?

      PS: have just checked the raw data in the RSS feed & there’s no spam whatsoever. What are you using to read the RSS feed? Maybe *that* is inserting something…?

      PPS: Feed Validator has just validated no problems with the RSS feed…!

  2. Tom Duff

    You’re right. The problem is elsewhere. Sorry for (my) confusion.

    In any case, have a great vacation.

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