Mixtape #2 : Late Night (again)

by 5:4
2 minutes read

While it’s not my intention to create a series of mixtape each intended to be listened to late at night, this new mix again has that in mind. Perhaps i’m just drawn to nocturnal kinds of music; or perhaps it is i that is nocturnal and not the music. Either way, i think the following selection is particularly special during the darkest hours of night. Everything comes from my listening within the last few months, 60 minutes of music stitched together with the remarkable loops that are embedded within the equally remarkable Buddha Machine. Enjoy…

Here’s the full tracklisting:

  • Buddha Machine Loop #1
  • Fovea Hex – While You’re Away (from Huge EP)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #3
  • Organum – Sanctus III (excerpt; from Sanctus)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #8
  • Helios – For Years and Years (from Eingya)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #4
  • Operations – Deadlight (from Knights Move! EP)
  • Andrew Liles – An Uneventful Afternoon (from Black Hole)
  • Elsiane – Mend (To Fix, To Repair) (from Hybrid)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #7
  • Klovn – McKlaren (Trentemøller Remix) (from The Trentemøller Chronicles)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #9
  • Decembered – Caligo Mane (from A Treatise In Eschatology)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #5
  • Autechre – Notwo (from Quaristice)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #6
  • Nine Inch Nails – 13 Ghosts II (from Ghosts I-IV)
  • Buddha Machine Loop #2

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Fat Roland

The good old Buddha Machine. I once did a set featuring the BM with sampled voices from the crowd I was DJing to (using rifle mics and a mobile sampler). I had those Buddha loops haunting my dreams for months!

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