Podcast #3 : The Music of Twin Peaks

by 5:4

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the television show Twin Peaks; the final episode was broadcast on 10 June 1991. Therefore, the new 5:4 podcast is a celebration of the remarkable music from this unique show. Despite some discussion of the story, those who haven’t yet seen the show need not fear; there are no plot spoilers, and at no point do i mention who killed Laura Palmer. In the podcast i examine the various aspects of the music (mostly composed by Angelo Badalamenti), and how it’s used to bring alive David Lynch’s incredibly vivid and surreal drama. The podcast lasts just under 90 minutes.

The three soundtrack albums referred to in the podcast are all still available, although the Season Two Music and More seems to be becoming rather scarce (in the UK, the best bet for that album is Play.com). As for the Twin Peaks Archive, David Lynch’s ongoing digital release of previously unavailable pieces from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, head on over to davidlynch.com.

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Hi Thom – thanks for the kind words, i'm glad you found it interesting!


That's a fascinating podcast – many thanks. It's good to hear all that music again and particularly intriguing to hear your contextualisation and explanation of it all.
The down side is that I now have to see the whole series again. So now I'll either have to reinvoigorate my video player or get the whole series on DVD somehow…
Thanks again


Hell o ! Congratulations for this blog! It’s very interesting and useful. I’d like to download the flac version of this podcast but the link is not really useful. The downloaded file size will be different every time. I don’t understand. Usually if a link is bad, the link doesn’t work. This one works but in a strange way. Hmm.. It fits to the mysteries of Twin Peaks, but it would be better if the link works properly 🙂 Plz!


Finally I managed to download the flac version! Fifth try 🙂 It’s wonderful, thank you very much!


I just wanted to stop by and thank you for this wonderful podcast. In the six years since I downloaded it, I’ve listened to it dozens of times. Accordingly, my love of this music has resulted in me purchasing *everything* related to Twin Peaks music – even though I haven’t seen any of the show. In fact, I’m now knee-deep into the hundreds of files provided by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Archive (apparently I was quite fortunate, as davidlynch.com appears to be vacant now).

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