Mixtape #37 : Best Albums of 2016

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i’m starting 2017 in the usual way, with a mixtape bringing together one track from each of the forty albums on my best of 2016 list. i’m sure posterity will come to regard last year as something of a trough in human history, but this mixtape does at least testify to the fact that it also contained some truly marvellous wonders. i hope you find these three hours of music a nice distillation of the aural magic that was made in 2016; links to buy each of the albums can be found in the last two days’ articles.

Here’s the tracklisting in full:

Mitski – Fireworks (from Puberty 2)
Me and My Drummer – Lancelot (from Love is a Fridge)
Bear McCreary – Alone in the Cave (from The Forest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Olga Neuwirth – Torching (from Goodnight Mommy (Original Soundtrack))
Jenny Hval – The Great Undressing (from Blood Bitch)
Kroy – Days (from Scavenger)
Maïa Vidal – The Tide (from You’re the Waves)
Necro Deathmort – Moonstar (from The Capsule)
Wendy Bevan – Porcelain (from Rose and Thorn)
Oy – We We We We (from Space Diaspora)
James O’Callaghan – Empties-Impetus [excerpt] (from Espaces tautologiques)
Seth Parker Woods – Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: asinglewordisnotenough3 (invariant) [excerpt] (from asinglewordisnotenough)
Michael Moser – Antiphon-Stein: Side B [excerpt] (from Antiphon Stein)
Mark Korven – Caleb’s Death (from The Witch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Richard Barrett – life-form (anthesis) (from Music for cello and electronics)
Bent Sørensen – Lacrimosa (from Snowbells)
Zahn | Hatami | McClure – Vhandaan (from Veerian)
Clara Iannotta – Al di là del bianco (from A Failed Entertainment: Werke 2009–2014)
Robin Foster – The Last Stand (from Anthropoid (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
SPC ECO – Slow Down (from All We Have Is Now)
Fritz Hauser – Rundum [excerpt] (from Different Beat)
Matmos – Ultimate Care II [excerpt] (from Ultimate Care II)
Supersilent – 13.9 [excerpt] (from 13)
The Natural History Museum – Australopithecus (from Attenborough)
Ladyhawke – A Love Song (from Wild Things)
Cliff Martinez – Neon Demon (from The Neon Demon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Chaya Czernowin – At the Fringe of Our Gaze [excerpt] (from The Quiet: works for orchestra)
Claude Vivier – Première Partie: Air Du Baryton-Martin (from Kopernikus)
John Wall – Muta []-[] (from Muta Variations)
Daniel Wohl – Holographic [excerpt] (from Holographic)
Jonty Harrison – Going / Places [excerpt] (from Voyages)
Stefan Fraunberger – Ereignishorizont [excerpt] (from Quellgeister #2 ‘Wurmloch’)
Francis Dhomont – La métamorphose (from Le cri du Choucas)
Three Trapped Tigers – Tekkers (from Silent Earthling)
Katie Gately – Sire (from Color)
Sleigh Bells – Throw Me Down The Stairs (from Jessica Rabbit)
C Duncan – Like You Do (from The Midnight Sun)
Christian Fennesz & Jim O’Rourke – Wouldn’t Wanna Be Swept Away [excerpt] (from It’s Hard For Me To Say I’m Sorry)
Autechre – c7b2 [excerpt] (from elseq 2)
Kayo Dot – Amalia’s Theme (from Plastic House on Base of Sky)

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Chris L

Thoroughly enjoying your selections, Simon…although, listening to the Oy track, I was seized by a growing urge to visit the loo (well, someone had to say it)…

Chris L

Where are my manners?! Happy New Year!

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