Mixtape #40 : Miniatures

by 5:4
8 minutes read

Even more than is usually the case, the new 5:4 Mixtape is a pure stream of consciousness. i’ve returned to a theme i explored in one of the earliest mixtapes, miniatures, once again setting myself a limit of music lasting under two minutes. With a shortlist of 100+ tracks (each one a personal favourite), i then simply followed my nose, treating them as puzzle pieces for a newly-created jigsaw, or perhaps more accurately as tessera for an eccentric aural mosaic. As usual, they embrace a mixture of new and old, and stylistically it’s all over the place, though its narrative was entirely suggested by the material, sometimes dovetailing or morphing, elsewhere successive tracks acting as rude non sequiturs. Along the way you’ll encounter abrasion (Alejandro Jodorowsky, Naked CityBenjamin Wallfisch (whose IT soundtrack is gleefully insane), aTelecine), playfulness (Syd Dale, Andrew Liles, Camille), moody atmospheres (Laura Sheeran, SupersilentVangelisOlga Neuwirth, Beacon, Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek, Alva Noto, Ben Lukas Boysen), edgy lyricism (Zola Jesus, Elsiane, Gazelle Twin, Clark, Jenny Hval), convoluted beats (Don DavisZavoloka & AGFThe Flashbulb, Derek K Jeppsen, Shad[]wb[]x, Ryoji Ikeda), drama of various hues (James Newton HowardPeter AblingerVeli-Matti PuumalaClaude Vivier), dreamy ambient (Bad Loop, The Real Tuesday WeldCliff MartinezGet Well SoonMonty AdkinsAphex Twin), rich tonal yum (Marcel Dupré, Carpenters, Cyrillus KreekTõnu Kõrvits) and various other electronic, experimental or otherwise unconventional amuse-bouches (Francis DhomontFrank ZappaNicolas ObouhowAndrew Lloyd Webber (yes, really), Sophie, Steve LevineJohn ZornKenneth Kirschner). And all of this in just one hour.

48 tiny tracks ranging in duration from 1’59” to a mere 26 seconds. Here’s the tracklisting in full, together with links to obtain the music.

Syd Dale – Opening Trailer 2 (from KPM 1000 Series, Vol. 1)
Don Davis – Domo Showdown (from The Matrix (Original Motion Picture Score – The Deluxe Edition))
Bad Loop – 3b Or T (from Luo – free download)
Laura Sheeran – When Panic Sets In (from Paperdolls (Original Soundtrack))
Zavoloka & AGF – Sunytsia (from Nature Never Produces The Same Beat Twice)
Francis Dhomont – Paraphrase I (from Le cri du Choucas)
Supersilent – 10.1 (from 10)
Alejandro Jodorowsky – Cast Out and Pissed (from The Holy Mountain Soundtrack)
Naked City – Hellraiser (from Torture Garden)
Frank Zappa – They Made Me Eat It (from Civilization Phaze III)
Nicolas Obouhow – Dix Tableaux Psychologiques – No. 5 – Embaumé (from Piano Works – currently unavailable)
The Real Tuesday Weld – Love Sugar Blood (from The London Book of the Dead (US Version))
The Flashbulb – Eyes of June (from Kirlian Selections)
Andrew Liles – Time Travel Promenade (from Black Pool)
Vangelis – Mare Tranquillitatis (from Albedo 0.39)
Zola Jesus – Swords (from Conatus)
Cliff Martinez – Who Wants Sour Milk (from The Neon Demon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Get Well Soon – We Are Still… (from Vexations)
Elsiane – Resurger (from Mechanics Of Emotion)
Gazelle Twin – I Wonder You (from Changelings)
Benjamin Wallfisch – Shape Shifter (from IT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Clark – Petroleum Tinged (from Clark)
Jenny Hval – Ritual Awakening (from Blood Bitch)
Olga Neuwirth – Psalm (from Goodnight Mommy (Original Soundtrack))
Marcel Dupré – Le Tombeau de Titelouze, Op. 38 – XI. Ave Maris Stella (from Organ Works Vol. 2)
Monty Adkins – First Snow (from Fragile.Flicker.Fragment)
Carpenters – Intermission (from A Song For You)
Cyrillus Kreek – Sacred Folk Songs – ‘Mu suda, arka ules’ (from Psalms)
Aphex Twin – i (from Selected Ambient Works 85-92)
Beacon – Late November (from The Ways We Separate)
James Newton Howard – Snow’s Execution (from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Variation 8 (from Variations)
Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek – Oh, Doctor Jesus (from Jazz Standards Volume 1)
Alva Noto – Xerrox Rin (from Xerrox Vol. 2)
aTelecine – Stadtmitte (from Entkopplung)
Derek K Jeppsen – atrocity contour (from Soundcloud)
Shad[]wb[]x – Blue Brain (from Bandcamp – free download)
Sophie – Lemonade (from Lemonade / Hard)
Ryoji Ikeda – C5:: cuts (from 0°C)
Steve Levine – Network 7: Opening Titles (from The Art Of The 12″, Volume Three (A Soundtrack For Living))
Ben Lukas Boysen – Premonition (from Restive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Peter Ablinger – points & views (2014) – Score 10 / Tile 10 (from Donaueschinger Musiktage 2014)
John Zorn – Nine (from Chimeras)
Veli-Matti Puumala – Act III Scene 4c: Taalla on sijaa (Villagers) (from Anna Liisa)
Claude Vivier – Tumulte De Souvenirs Et Valse Du Coloratura/Solo Du Coloratura (from Kopernikus)
Tõnu Kõrvits – Songs of Song of Songs [Laulud laulude laulust] – 2. Awake, North Wind (from New Estonian Choral Music)
Kenneth Kirschner – January 17, 2004 (from kennethkirschner.com – free download)
Camille – Message (from Ilo Veyou)

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Michael D. Scott

Yay! A new 5:4 mix! Yay! Oh, also… this mix makes me think of the latest release by Martin Rev… 34 tracks in 42.5 minutes. I’ve really enjoyed it.

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