Mixtape #41 : Best Albums of 2017

by 5:4
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As of today, 5:4 is ten years old, so first of all i want to say an enormous thank you to all of you who have read, commented, enjoyed, shared and supported this blog over the last decade, especially to my merry band of patrons. As this is a special year for 5:4, i’ve planned some exciting things for the next twelve months, all of which will be revealed in due course.

Meanwhile, i’m starting the year in traditional fashion, with a new mixtape featuring something from each and every album in my Best of 2017 list. It’s typically eclectic and non-partisan, and while in many respects last year may have left a lot to be desired, musically speaking this mix does at least prove that there was a great deal to consider and celebrate. Links to buy each of the albums can be found in the previous two days’ articles.

Here’s the tracklisting in full:

Cristobal Tapia De Veer – Ride To The Lab (from The Girl With All The Gifts (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Allie X – Casanova (from CollXtion II)
Goldfrapp – Become The One (from Silver Eye)
Bent Sørensen – Gondole for violin, viola & cello – IV. Gondola dell’amore (Love’s Gondola) (from Nordsending: works for string trio & duo)
Michael Begg – Chamber [excerpt] (from TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge)
Chaya Czernowin – Adiantum Capillus-Veneris [Etudes in Fragility for voice & breath (amplified)] – III [excerpt] (from HIDDEN)
Markus Reuter – Condition II (Featuring Sonar & Tobias Reber) (from Falling for Ascension)
Mirjam Tally – Your Shadow [Sinu vari] for mixed choir and phonogram (from New Estonian Choral Music)
Lana Del Rey – Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) (from Lust for Life)
Chelsea Wolfe – The Culling (from Hiss Spun)
Onutė Narbutaitė – krantas upė simfonija (riverbank – river – symphony) [excerpt] (from no yesterday, no tomorrow)
Ming Tsao – Mirandas Atemwende for ensemble – VIII. Stehen-IX. –vor der Erstarrung (from Plus Minus)
Jani Christou – Anaparastasis III „The Pianist“ for actor, conductor, ensemble & continuum [excerpt] (from Edition Musikfabrik 12: Stille)
Erkki-Sven Tüür – Spectrum IV for cello & organ [excerpt] (from Timeless Light: Estonian cello works)
Andrea Belfi – Ton [excerpt] (from Ore)
Peter Raeburn – Sign To Lights (from Woodshock (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
John Williams – The Supremacy (from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Giulio Aldinucci & Francis M. Gri – Remnants (from Segmenti)
Roland Kayn – Qyrials II [excerpt] (from A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound)
Sleep Party People – Limitations (from Lingering)
Daniel Hart – Sciunt Se Esse Mortui (from A Ghost Story (Original Soundtrack Album))
Demen – Illdrop (from Nektyr)
Benjamin Thigpen – pulse for fixed media – pulse ii (from Flux)
Milica Djordjević – FAIL for cello & live electronics (from Edition Zeitgenössische Musik)
Tõnu Kõrvits – Moorland Elegies – No. 1. Come, Walk With Me (from Moorland Elegies)
Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin – Im deutlichen Morgen (In the clear morning) [excerpt] (from Im Hellen)
irr. app. (ext.) – Future Reveries Of The Eoarchaean Biomass, Volume 1 [section 1] [excerpt] (from Future Reveries Of The Eoarchaean Biomass, Volume One)
Wayne Siegel – Celebration for robot-controlled pipe organ & weather satellite [excerpt] (from Celebration)
Úlfur Hansson – Þýð for violin, viola, cello & voices [excerpt] (from Raindamage)
Benge – Envelope One [excerpt] (from Forms 6 – Works On Paper)
The Caretaker – Drifiting time misplaced (from Everywhere at the end of time – Stage 3)
Annette Vande Gorne – Taureau (Le défi) – Combattimento (Chœur des femmes II) [excerpt] (from Yawar Fiesta)
Stefan Węgłowski – Appendix [excerpt] (from Contemporary Jewish Music)
Chiyoko Szlavnics – Reservoir [excerpt] (from During a Lifetime)
Monty Adkins – Sounds of the Sun [excerpt] (from Shadows and Reflections)
John Edwards/Mark Sanders/John Wall – B (from FGBH)
Köhnen Pandi Duo – i [excerpt] (from Darkness Comes In Two’s)
Anthony Pateras and Erkki Veltheim – The Slow Creep of Convenience [excerpt] (from The Slow Creep of Convenience)
Natasha Barrett – Animalcules (from Puzzle Wood)
Björk – Future Forever (from Utopia)

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