Mixtape #47 : Travelogue

by 5:4

For my July mixtape, i’ve decided to take myself on an impromptu trip around mainland Europe. With the help of Google Maps, i’ve plotted a course that’s somewhat circuitous but which manages to take in most of the continent. Starting in Holland (I Was A Teenage Satan WorshipperRyoji Ikeda), we move down through Belgium (Autechre) and France (Andrew Liles) to the coast of Portugal (John Oswald). Coming back through Spain (Fergus KellySPC ECO) and detouring into France again (Karsten PflumZbigniew Karkowski) brings us to Monaco (John Debney), followed by a more prolongued period in Italy (Susanne SundførYelleJohn Williams). Then we head north through Switzerland (Johnny Williams) for a longer stay in Germany (The Noisettes, Cluster, Bath40, Marc Behrens), before heading south again, through the Czech Republic (White Sea), glancing off Italy one final time (Muséum) and then down to the southern reaches of Croatia (FURT plus) and Bosnia and Herzgovina (Francis Dhomont), ending up for a bit of R&R in Greece (Three Drives).

The journey through eastern and northern Europe initially takes us through Bulgaria (Brian Eno), Romania (The Noisettes) and Hungary (Alexandre Desplat), then we veer across to Austria (James Newton Howard) before heading north rapidly through Poland (Kate HavnevikJoy Division) as far as Latvia (Markus Reuter). A brief jaunt in Russia follows (Cabaret VoltaireBersarin Quartett), whereupon we head for the Nordic countries via Estonia (Velvcsze), passing through Finland (Brothomstates) before travelling across the Baltic Sea (Somatic Responses) to Sweden (Lady & Bird), Denmark (Iain ArmstrongScott Walker) and Norway (Isaiah Ceccarelli). The epilogue to the journey involves leaving the mainland, flying first to the Faroe Islands (Zinovia) and finally arriving in Iceland (J.Viewz).

At a mere two hours’ duration, the mix is one hell of a whistle-stop tour; here’s the tracklisting in full, together with links to obtain the music:

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper – Amsterdamned (from Strange Lights)
Ryoji Ikeda – matrix (for container): Centraal Museum, Utrecht, 2001 [excerpt] (from formula)
Autechre – AE_LIVE_BRUSSELS_031014 [excerpt] (from AE_LIVE)
Andrew Liles – A Fake Suicide in Paris (from Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy))
John Oswald – Brazilianaires Theme (Lisbon Raincoat Mojo) (from Plunderphonics 69/96)
Fergus Kelly – madrid 4 – cable car (from a quiet position: form(at), flora and fauna – free download)
SPC ECO – Push (Lady Barcelona) (from The Art of Pop Remixes + – free download)
Karsten Pflum – Montpellier Disco (from Love Canticles)
Zbigniew Karkowski – Live In Lyon [excerpt] (from Live In Lyon – free download)
John Debney – Mayhem In Monaco [excerpt] (from Iron Man 2 (Original Motion Picture Score))
Susanne Sundfør – Rome [excerpt] (from The Silicone Veil)
Yelle – Florence en Italie (from Complètement Fou)
John Williams – The Milanese Nightingale (from The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Music from the Motion Picture))
Johnny Williams – Alone in Zurich (from Heidi (Original Motion Picture Score))
The Noisettes – Frankfurt Subway (from Baubliaia)
Cluster – Fabrik, Hamburg 1972 [excerpt] (from Konzerte 1972/1977)
Bath40 – Berlin Room [excerpt] (from Klonazepop – free download)
Marc Behrens – Two Leipzig Zones [excerpt] (from Compilation Works 1996-2005 – free download)
White Sea – Prague (from In Cold Blood)
Muséum – Gossips In Venice [excerpt] (from Little Dead Things)
FURT plus – Zagreb [excerpt] (from equals)
Francis Dhomont – Lettre de Sarajevo [excerpt] (from Jalons)
Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Moonwatcher’s Sea Of Tranquility Remix) [excerpt] (from Deep & Chilled Euphoria)
Brian Eno – Fague Sofia (unavailable)
The Noisettes – bucharest saturday 0630 [excerpt] (from Uvarovite)
Alexandre Desplat – A Troops Barracks (Requiem For The Grand Budapest) [excerpt] (from The Grand Budapest Hotel (Original Soundtrack))
James Newton Howard – Ticket To Vienna (from Red Sparrow (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Kate Havnevik – Krakowska (from YOU)
Joy Division – Warsaw (from Substance)
Markus Reuter – Josefine [Riga, 04 April 2014] [excerpt] (from Sultry Kissing Lounge (Crimson ProjeKCt Tour 2014))
Cabaret Voltaire – Moscow (from The Crackdown)
Bersarin Quartett – St. Petersburg [excerpt] (from Bersarin Quartett)
Velvcsze – Train To Tallinn [excerpt] (from Stormtronics Vol 7)
Brothomstates – Live @ SaunaBar, Helsinki, Finland – July 28, 1999 [excerpt] (unavailable)
Somatic Responses – Stricken Baltic Waveform [excerpt] (from The Motor of Decay – free download)
Lady & Bird – Malmo Livs [excerpt] (from La Ballade of Lady & Bird)
Iain Armstrong – Holmsland Klit, Denmark (from Viewpoint: works from BEAST vol. 3)
Scott Walker – Copenhagen (from Scott 3)
Isaiah Ceccarelli – Oslo Harmonies (2014) part two [excerpt] (from Bow)
Zinovia – Faroe Island [excerpt] (from This Silent Sea – free download)
J.Viewz – Iceland (from 401 Days)

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