V/Vm (Leyland Kirby) – The Death of Rave, now available

by 5:4

Nine years ago, in a series of articles about ‘Contemporary Epics’, i wrote about The Death of Rave, Leyland Kirby‘s gargantuan paean to the world of rave culture. Originally released in 2006 as a free MP3 download in 20 instalments (under Kirby’s occasional nom de guerre V/Vm), it vanished from the web in 2010 and so from the time of my article (with Kirby’s permission) i made it available via 5:4. In 2013, Kirby asked me to take it down, saying there were plans to release it… and seven years later the day has come, Kirby has finally made the entire work available for download again, now in (unremastered) lossless format via Bandcamp. It consists of two parts, 111 tracks subtitled “The Source” and a further 93 tracks subtitled “Additional”, together making for a total of over 19 hours of hauntological glory.

Astonishingly, there’s no charge for this download, but if that wasn’t inviting enough, Kirby has indicated it will only be available for a limited time, so don’t hang about. i’m really looking forward to the opportunity to revisit this mammoth anthem for a more recent doomed youth, and dive afresh into its dark, fathomless depths.

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