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Having not set foot in the place for two years – which by now feels like an absolute aeon – i’m setting off today for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, where i’ll (hopefully) be happily immersed for the next few days. Words to follow once i get back next week.

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Chris L

I’ll be at the GBSR Duo + Eva Maria Houben gig. Debating whether there’ll be time for last orders afterwards. Probably not at the kind of pub I’d be seen dead in these days…

Chris L

The last time I went out eating and drinking there (with the selfsame friend I’m dragging along to one of the Shorts sessions on Monday) was in August*; most of the usual suspects were still extant then.

I know I’ve never been the greatest town-painter anyway, but it’s still dispiriting how a single hand-pulled pint has acquired “special treat” status during the pandemic…

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