Mixtape #33 : Purple

by 5:4
4 minutes read

For the new 5:4 mixtape i’ve rather whimsically adopted my favourite colour—purple—as the theme. That colour invites a host of hues and shades, so the mix includes track titles alluding to the entirety of that part of the spectrum, including heliotrope, lavender, fuchsia, pink, plum, magenta, indigo, amethyst, violet and even ultraviolet. Such an oblique connection has enabled me to unleash a more-than-usually eclectic selection, taking in piano works (Ramon Humet, Luke Stoneham, George Crumb, David Rakowski), synthpop (John Foxx & Louis Gordon, Frida Sundemo), ambient (Peter Wright, Specta Ciera, Frond, Saturday IndexDick Mills, The Denisovans, Tor LundvallDarren Harper), rock – electronic, math and (ir)regular (Nine Inch Nails, Frank Zappa, Sleeping People), easy listening (Enoch Light), electronica (World’s End Girlfriend, Time Attendant, Bauri, The Flashbulb, Labyrinth Ear, Da Wei), avant garde classical (Chiyoko Szlavnics, Aaron Cassidy), folk (Steve Peters), indie pop (StopTalk, The William Blakes), fusion (David Murphy), drum and bass (Tim Exile) and noise (K2).

Two hours of purple-inflected aural pleasure; here’s the tracklisting in full:

World’s End Girlfriend – Purple Orange (from Ending Story)
Chiyoko Szlavnics – Heliotrope (After Frank O’Hara) [excerpt] (unreleased)
Peter Wright – Lavender Buzz (from An Angel Fell Where The Kestrels Hover)
Enoch Light and his Orchestra – Deep Purple (from Stereo 35/mm Volume 2)
Aaron Cassidy – I, purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips [excerpt] (from The Crutch Of Memory)
Specta Ciera – Purple Morning Glory (from Mystic Valley Parkway)
StopTalk – Leader (Purple Fog Side Mix) (from The Best Life On Earth )
Nine Inch Nails – A Violet Fluid (from March Of The Pigs (CD1))
Time Attendant – Fuchsia Circles (from Bloodhounds)
Frond – Purple Overcast (from The Second Continent)
Ramon Humet – Petals – II. Plum petals fall (from Niwa. Chamber works)
Tor Lundvall – The Violet Darner (from Insect Wings, Leaf Matter & Broken Twigs: Early Ambient Recordings 1991-1994)
Luke Stoneham – Magenta Cuts (from )
Steve Peters – Three Short Stories – Lavender (from From Shelter)
Saturday Index – Heliotropes (from Saturday Index)
George Crumb – Apparition – II. When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d (from Songs, Drones and Refrains Of Death/Apparition/Little Suite for Christmas)
Dick Mills – Purple Space And White Coronas (from Essential Hi Tech Sound Effects)
Bauri – Purple Nights (from touched two)
The Flashbulb – Purple #12 (from M³ (Daily Assortment of Sound))
John Foxx & Louis Gordon – Ultraviolet / Infrared (from Crash And Burn)
Frida Sundemo – Indigo (from For You, Love)
Tim Exile – Big Bad Purple Bad Boy (from Pro Agonist)
Frank Zappa – The Purple Lagoon [opening] (from Zappa in New York)
David Murphy – Indigo (from Works written for Longtales.com Vol. 2)
Sleeping People – Yellow Guy / Pink Eye (from Growing)
The William Blakes – Purple Ball (from Purple Ball)
The Denisovans – absolute pinkeye [excerpt] (from Alkschutz)
Labyrinth Ear – Amethyst Days (from The Orchid Room)
Da Wei – Violet Velvet Void (from Matrix/Pattern)
David Rakowski – Étude #45 Pink Tab (from Études, Vol. 3)
Darren Harper – Lavender Drift [excerpt] (from Lavender Drift)

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David Gable

Mon ami, I was hoping that, after the other Boulez posts you posted, we might finally get to hear that Matthias Pintscher Pli selon pli. I’m looking forward to it!!!

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