Mixtape #35 : Moon

by 5:4

Taking inspiration from the lunar events at the start of this week, the new 5:4 mixtape is devoted to music related to the moon. i’ve crammed it with a veritable shed-load of personal favourites, small and great, old and new. The mix encompasses a broad spectrum, from the kind of soft delicacy heard in pieces by Toshio Hosokawa, Tor Lundvall, Pram, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Implex Grace, Sunken Foal, Andrew Liles, Aun and The Noisettes to more abrasive expression in works by First Human Ferro, Philippe Petit (& Friends), Paul Dolden, John Williams and Chelsea Wolfe. Wolfe’s is one of a number of moon-related songs featured in the mix, alongside the very lovely Cemeteries (with one of my favourite tracks of 2015), Betty Ween, Radiohead and—heard in a miniature epic of gorgeous proportions—Julia Holter. The timebound yet timeless Johnny Howard Orchestra adds a bit of froth, immediately followed by its more sour hauntological answer courtesy of The Caretaker; Ochre and some vintage Multiplex bring a bit of play to the proceedings, while Eric Serra adds a brief note of cinematic grandeur and Natasha Barrett dives into a strange but exquisitely light soundscape. A sumptuous bit of nocturnalism from Richard Strauss acts as a coda, leading into the night proper via Chris Watson. Serving as structural markers throughout are the four parts of Harry Partch‘s hilariously mental Ring Around the Moon. Lycanthropes might want to give this particular mix a miss.

A little under two hours of sound from the lunatic fringe; here’s the tracklisting in full. If you enjoy the mix, there are links below to buy the music.

Harry Partch – Ring Around the Moon: I. First Phase (from Plectra and Percussion Dances)
Toshio Hosokawa – Cloudscape – Moon Night, for accordion & shō [excerpt] (from Deep Silence)
First Human Ferro – Moon Route [excerpt] (from Homo Shargey)
Philippe Petit & Friends – The Moon Woman (from A Scent Of Garmambrosia)
Tor Lundvall – Dead Moon (from The Mist)
Pram – Metaluna (from The Moving Frontier)
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Moon (from Insen)
Harry Partch – Ring Around the Moon: II. Second Phase
Cemeteries – Luna (Moon of Claiming) (from Barrow – free download)
Implex Grace – Moonlight Slanting (from Moonlight Slanting)
Betty Ween – Show Him The Moon (from Bitter)
Sunken Foal – Can’t Fuck The Moonlight (from Fallen Arches)
Paul Dolden – In a Bed Where the Moon was Sweating. Resonance #1 [excerpt] (from L’ivresse de la vitesse 2)
Radiohead – Sail to the Moon. (Brush the Cobwebs Out of the Sky.) (from Hail to the Thief)
Harry Partch – Ring Around the Moon: III. Third Phase
Natasha Barrett – Three Fictions (Northern Mix) – 2. Midnight Sun: Midday Moon (from Isostasie)
John Williams – The Moon Rising / The Biker Hounds (from A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Music from the Motion Picture – Expanded Archival Collection))
Andrew Liles – A Moon Full To The Brim With Badness (from Black Panther)
Eric Serra – Moonbirth (from Lucy (Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Ochre – Lunar Suburbia (from Like Dust of the Balance)
Tor Lundvall – Harvest Moon (from Turning)
The Johnny Howard Orchestra – Moonlight Serenade (from The World Of Easy Listening Vol. 4)
The Caretaker – Moonlight Serenade (from Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom)
Harry Partch – Ring Around the Moon: IV. Fourth Phase
Aun – La Luna (from Alpha Heaven)
Chelsea Wolfe – Iron Moon (from Abyss)
The Noisettes – Moonhedges (from Stormtronics Vol 12)
Multiplex – Lunar Active (from Area To Area L.P.)
Julia Holter – Boy In The Moon (from Ekstasis)
Richard Strauss – Intermezzo (Moonlight Music) from Capriccio (from Four Last Songs/Closing Scene from Capriccio/Orchestral Songs [Lott/Järvi, Royal Scottish National Orchestra] )
Chris Watson – Moonlit Fog (from Outside the Circle of Fire)

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