Mixtape #14 : Best Albums of 2009

by 5:4
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Today marks the 2nd birthday of 5:4, so a big thank you to all of you who are regular readers for your time and interest in this blog. Following yesterday’s run-down of my favourite 40 albums from 2009, here’s the accompanying mixtape, featuring a track from each album. It’s probably the most diverse mixtape yet on 5:4, and lasts a little under four hours. 2010’s going to have to try pretty hard to surpass this remarkable music—enjoy!

Here’s the tracklisting in full:

IAMX – Kingdom of Welcome Addiction (from Kingdom of Welcome Addiction)
Röyksopp – The Girl and the Robot (from Junior)
Daisy Chapman – Just Give Up, Jessica (from The Green Eyed)
Leyland Kirby – The Beauty of the Impending Tragedy of My Existence (from Sadly, the Future Is No Longer What It Was)
Chihei Hatakeyama – Twilight Gloom (from The River)
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Samhain Labs (from Here Be Dragons)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Emil Cioran (from Rifts)
Imogen Heap – 2-1 (from Ellipse)
Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Behind Clouds – Part 1 (from Behind Clouds)
Chubby Wolf – Oh, And How It Was Stunning; Writhing (from L’Histoire)
Asher – Untitled [disc 2, track 5] (from Miniatures)
Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love (from Lungs)
Supersilent – 9.3 (from 9)
Bat For Lashes – The Big Sleep (from Two Suns)
Tor Lundvall – Midnight Ride (from Sleeping and Hiding)
Celer – Indentions on Summits of Hands (from Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-all)
Operations – Dominic II [excerpt] (from You and Atomic Warfare)
Lustmord – Er Eb Os [excerpt] (from [ B E Y O N D ])
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto – Silence (from utp_)
Venetian Snares – Pussy Skull (from Filth)
Polly Scattergood – Bunny Club (from Polly Scattergood)
Ambrose Field – Je me complains (from Being Dufay)
Tim Exile – Carouselle (from Listening Tree)
Celer – Untitled [side A, excerpt] (from Compositions for Cassette)
Anduin + Jasper TX – …Producing Great Jets Of Radiation. (from The Bending of Light)
Nynke Laverman – De ûntdekker (from Nomade)
NQ – You Will Never Be Home Again (from Like Styrofoam, Bleeding)
Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2 (from Xerrox Vol. 2)
David Sylvian – Emily Dickinson (from Manafon)
Hecq – Steeltongued (from Steeltongued)
Dragonette – We Rule The World (from Fixin To Thrill)
Richard Skelton – Threads Across The River (from Landings)
Clouwbeck – Gossan [excerpt] (from Wolfrahm)
SoiSong – Dtorumi (from xAj3z)
Steven Wilson – Get All You Deserve (from Insurgentes)
Robert Henke – Indigo_Transform [excerpt]
irr. app. (ext.) – Kreiselwelle [excerpt]
Bass Communion – Fusilier (from Chiaroscuro)
Peter Wright – Follow The Leader (from Snow Blind)
Celer – In Escaping Lakes [excerpt]
Celer – Crouched in Elysian/Quaggy Staircases in Rock Walls/The Archeological Aspects of Grief/Organs of Perception/The Ordinary Intellect/The Scent of Confusional Arousal [excerpt] (from Breeze of Roses)
Celer – Engaged Touches – Part 2 [excerpt] (from Engaged Touches)
Celer – Eustress [excerpt] (from Brittle)
Celer – Fountain Glider [excerpt]
Celer – Poulaine [excerpt]

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Thanks for the comments, i'm glad this mix was appreciated – definitely the best of last year 🙂

Mr Panda

Amazing mix, thanks very much. A lot of great stuff I've not heard.


many thanks for your beautiful and very informative blog.
It seemes to me that you know a lot about electronic music/sound/noise. I've got a question, are you know'n with the dutch artist felix Hess and his project Light as Air? I read about him in a dutch magazine called Noorderbreedte and tried to find more about this project (taping the infrasound of air pressure cyclus) until now without succes. Anyway i was just curiuos.

Jonnie van Peursem


This is amazing! All that wonderful music you've curated (much of which I hadn't heard before), replete with a convenient sampler.
Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

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